The Mormons And Their PR Dance

Foundation for Christian Studies

by Don Veinot

Generally Mormons are really nice people. They are very family oriented and claim to be Christians while denying the very foundational doctrines of the historic Christian faith. A new website Foundation for Christian Studies is online to legitimize the LDS church. It is very nicely done, uses Christianeze well, and paints as intolerant those who insist that certain core doctrines must be believed to be a Christian in their section Christian Defined :

Reminiscent of the Pharisees of old, the contentious individuals and institutions who deny the Christianity of others often utilize their personal interpretation of scripture and synthetic dogma to support their assertions. They contend the privilege of earning the Christian label is dependent on such things as being born again, believing in the Triune God, accepting certain creeds, and/or belonging to a particular faith community. The absurdity of the dynamic reaches its pinnacle when those who bear testimony of their devotion to Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Redeemer are rebuked and denied the Christian marker by those who disagree with their religion and/or theological beliefs. It causes one to ponder"”what would Jesus do?

Such sites will prove to be a challenge to local churches and point out the need to train and equip their congregations in core doctrine and the ability to recognize false teaching which on the surface looks good.