The Face Of Islam In Their Own Words

What Barak Obama, George Bush, Tony Blair , and Gordon Brown lie to us and call a religion of peace knowing it isn't. Corrupt governments that refuse to protect its borders and its people and out ¯ » ¿visas to Wahabist Saudi Arabians and other fundamentalist Moslems and accept Moslems within their nations borders as refugees. Who refuse to threaten to destroy Mecca and Medina if Moslems ever attack us with weapons of mass destruction. We are under God's judgment. But may God's judgment first fall on our own corrupt politicians who betray us. His judgment is surely coming on Islam.
James Jacob Prasch

From the Lips of an Islamist

Folks, this is a SHOCKING video that every person in the free world should watch.

People need to wake up to the absolute serious threat Islam is and wake up now.