The Land "Down Under" Rises to the Top

by Jan Markell

Muslims who want to live under Islamic Law (Sharia Law) were told this week to leave Australia as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks. A day after a group of mainstream Muslim leaders met with Prime Minister Howard, he made it clear that extremists would face a crackdown. Australia basically said that if Australian values do not suit their Muslim residents, would you kindly find the nearest exit door and hightail it out of the "land down under." ‚   ‚  Move to a country that accepts Islamic Law. ‚   Prime Minister Howard said that Australian spies would also be monitoring Australian mosques.

This is leadership with courage, that doesn't call Islam a "noble religion," and is just plain no nonsense. It doesn't welcome them to attend to their ports, rise to high political office, and likely doesn't bow to an American-based organization, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). ‚   ‚  Perhaps they have no such deceitful organization in Australia and if so, pay them little attention rather than placating them. ‚   ‚  If Saudi Wahabbi theology is preached in Australian mosques, it will likely be shut down.

Western world, are you listening? ‚   ‚  Would you adopt this kind of surveillance and courage? ‚   ‚  Or will you continue to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the danger in our midst? ‚   ‚  The West, and particularly America, lets Muslims run for high office, shape parts of American government policy, and assigns students Muslim names in public schools. Muslims now participate in ecumenical activities in the Western world. ‚   ‚  What we should be doing is following the pattern of Australia.

In 1994 Steve Emerson made a brilliant film called "Jihad in America." ‚   ‚  He was able to capture footage of ‚   ‚  radical Muslims in closed-door gatherings shouting, "Death to America" (and Israel). ‚   ‚  There seemed to be no agents present unless they were disguised. ‚   ‚  These gatherings were in America, not Saudi Arabia! They were in the heartland. His film was later classified as "politically incorrect."

The Islamic threat is not something that is suddenly going to vanish because reason has taken over their soul and heart. ‚   ‚  Just yesterday suspicious men were seen photographing the Sears Tower. ‚   ‚  Americans and likely even the Brits and Spanish have a short memory. ‚   ‚  After a few months following an attack, it is back to business as usual, a potentially fatal flaw.

But not in Australia. Three cheers for our friends "down under."