Islam Admits It Is Against Democracy and Freedom

This piece written by a clear Moslem voice proves that Islam is fundamentally incompatible with civilized notions of personal freedom, human rights, and democratic government.

Democracy, is a Religion!

The origins and purpose of divine creation, The revealed books, The call of the Prophet Abraham, and the firmest handhold of survival.

One should know that Allah is the Head and Origin of everything and every being . The firmest thing that Allah ordained for Adam’s son to learn and to do, before Praying, paying Zakat, or any other act of worship, is to believe in the oneness of Allah and to avoid and disbelieve in any other deity. It was for this reason Allah created the creatures, sent the prophets, revealed the Books, and ordained the Jihad and martyrdom. Because of this, there is enmity between Al-Rahman’s followers and those of Satan, and because of this the Islamic nation and the right caliphate will be established. Allah said: "I have not created the jinns and men but to worship Me." (1) That means to worship Me alone. He also said: " To every community we have sent an apostle saying: worship Allah, and Keep away from all other deities". (2)

This belief, that there is no god but Allah, is basic to Islam. No call, no jihad, no prayer, no fasting, no Zakat, no pilgrimage will be accepted without it. One can not be saved from Hell fire without believing in it, because it is the only handhold that Allah guaranteed His followers not to split. The other handholds of the religion will not be sufficient for safety from the hell fire without it. Allah said: "Distinct is the way of guidance now from error. He who turns away from the forces of evil and believes in Allah, will Surely hold fast to a handle that is strong and unbreakable." (3) Allah also said:" There are happy things for those who keep away from the worship of false gods and turn to Allah in repentance. Give glad tidings to My Creatures." (4) Behold how Allah talks about disbelief in deities, before He talks about belief in Himself .Such as when He began with the negation before the affirmation. Allah ordained monotheism with the words ( no god but Allah ) which point to this great principle of the firmest handhold, therefore there is no sincere belief in Allah, without extreme denial of other deities.

The deities which one must disbelieve in and avoid worshipping ,to follow the handhold of the firmest safety, are not only stones , idols, trees or graves that are worshipped through prostration or invocation or vow . It encompasses more than this. It contains (every worshipped who accepts to be worshipped except Allah, by any thing of the worship acts) (5).

The deity is derived from tyranny, which is the exceeding of the limits by the created. Acts of worship include prostration, bowing down, invocation, making vows, and slaughtering. Obedience in legislation is also an act of worship, Allah said about the Christians: "They consider their rabbis and monks to be gods apart from Allah". (6) Although they did not prostrate, or bow down to their priests, they followed them and agreed with them in the forbiddance of the licit and with the permission of the illicit. Allah therefore considered that as making them lords and gods, because the obedience in legislation is a form of worship, and must not be for any one except for Allah, since Allah is the only One who can enact legislation. Therefore any one who does that would be polytheist.

As an evidence for that is the emulation which took place at the time of the Prophet (pbuh) between Al-Rahman’s followers and those of Satan over a dead goat. The polytheist people wanted to persuade the Muslims that there was no difference between the goat, which Muslims slaughter, and the goat which dies alone. They claimed that the dead goat was slaughtered by Allah. Therefore Allah descended His judgment and said: "if you obey them, you will surely become an idolater.". (7)

So the word "deity"  includes any one who makes himself a legislator with Allah, ruler or ruled, a representative in the parliament ( the legislative authority), or the persons who select him ,because he exceeded his limits . Man was created to be a servant of Allah and Allah ordered him to accept His legislation, but man rejected and exceeded the limits. He wanted to equate himself with Allah, and to participate in the legislation of Allah, which is not allowed to anyone except Allah . If any one exceeds the limits and does that, he makes himself a legislator god, and he will be one of the deity heads. His Islam and his monotheism will not be accepted, unless and until, he disbelieves in what he did and avoids it, and fights to get rid of its slaves and helpers. Allah said "yet desire to turn for judgment to evil powers, even though they have been commanded to disbelieve in them." (8)

Mojahid said: "The deity is a Satan in the shape of a human whom people turn to for judgment, and they follow him".

Sheikh of Islam lbn Taimyyah said : "for this reason the one who judges without referring to the Holy Book ( Qur’an ) is a deity".(9)

Ibn Al-Qayyim said: "Every one who exceeded his limits -worshipped, followed or Obeyed so, the deity of any people is the one who they make a judge besides Allah and His Prophet (pbuh) or worship him except Allah, or follow him without taking any consideration of Allah, or obey him in a matter that they do not Know it is an obedience for Allah". He also said: "whosever does not judge or turn to what the messengers of Allah brought for judgment is eventually following a false deity"(10)

One of the worshipped deities nowadays, that every monotheist must disbelieve in it and its followers, in order to follow the firmest handhold and to be saved from the Hell fire, are the transitory man made gods and goddesses of the so called legislature Allah said: "Have they other associates who have prescribed another law for them which has not been dispensed by Allah? But for the decisive word (of Allah) a sentence would have been passed amongst them ..."(11) People have followed these legislators and agreed to make the legislation as a right and characteristic for them, for their parliaments, and for their local, regional, and international ruling faculties .They showed that through their laws and constitutions, the facts of which are known to them. (12) Therefore, they became gods to every one who obeyed and followed them, or agreed with them in this disbelief and polytheism, just as Allah said about the Christians, when they followed the priests and the anchorites (monks). The followers of today’s democracy are worse and more impure, because the priests did that, but they did not claim to make it a law or a legal system, and they did not make constitutions, or books. They also did not punish any one who did not accept or practice that. They also did not use it to adjust Allah’s Book as these deities did.

If you come to understand this, you should know that the greatest step of adherence to this firmest handhold and the highest step of disbelief in this man-made deity is the peak of Islam. By this I mean The Jihad. The Jihad against the deity, his followers, and helpers, to try to damage this man made system, and to try to get the people to turn away from worshipping it and to return to the worship of Allah alone . There must be a declaration and a coming out openly with the truth, just as the prophets did, and in the same way. A way which Allah showed to us clearly, when He ordained us to take Abraham’s religion and his call as a model. He said :"you have an excellent model in Abraham and those who were with him when he said to his people : " We are through with you and, those you worship other than Allah .We reject you .Enmity and hatred have come between you and us for ever, unless you believe in Allah the One" . (14). So the meaning of this saying has become obvious. Consider how Allah started with the enmity before the hate. Enmity is more important, because a human may hate the deity’s followers, but may not consider them enemies. So a human will not be doing his duty or obligation, unless he hates them, and takes them as enemies. Consider how Allah mentioned their disavowal of the polytheist people, before the disavowal of what they worshipped, because the first is more important than the second. Many people may show the disavowal to the stones, idols, deities, constitutions, laws, and void religions, but refuse to show the disavowal to the slaves, or the helpers of these deities, and void religions. Therefore, he will not be doing his duty or obligation. If he shows the disavowal to the polytheist slaves of the deities, it means that he shows the disavowal to their void religions, and their worshipped ones. (15)

The lowest obligatory step upon every one, that no one can save himself without , is the avoidance of the deity and avoidance of following him in his polytheism and his falsehood. Allah said: "to every community We have sent an apostle (saying) "worship Allah, and keep away from all other deities"(16). And He said: "Avoid the repugnance of idols, and false " (17) And He said about Abraham’s invocation " ..And preserve me and my progeny from worshiping idols". (18)

If any one does not avoid the deity in this world by refusing to worship him now, he will be one of the losers in the hereafter. Nothing of the religion will be useful or advantageous to him, if he wastes and loses this great origin, and he will rue it at the time when the remorse will be useless to him. Then there will be a wish to return to this world to do this and to follow the firmest handhold, and to follow this great religion. Allah said: "When those who were followed will disclaim those who followed them, and seeing the torment, all ties between them Shall be severed And the followers will say "Could we live but once again we would leave them as they have abandoned us now"  Allah will show them thus their deeds, and fill them with remorse, but never shall they find release from the Fire"(19).

But Oh, it is too late then, there is no return to this world. So if you want the safety and hope of Allah’s mercy, that Allah gave the pious people, you must avoid all of the false deities. Avoid their polytheism now! Now! No one can avoid them in the hereafter unless he avoids them in this world. But for every one who supported their false religion and followed them there will be a Caller in the hereafter who says:

"He who worshipped anything will follow it. He who worshipped the sun will follow it. He who worshipped the moon will follow it. He who worshipped the deities, will follow them.", but those who believed in Allah will be asked :" What are you waiting for? Why do you not follow them ?" and they will say : " We are waiting for our God and we are not following them because we did not follow them in the first life when we were badly in need of their money and authority, so how come you ask us to follow them now ?" (20). These are some of the road marks, that Allah said "Gather all the wicked together and their Comrades , and those they had worshipped". (21) Comrades means every one who is like them, their helpers, and supporters in falsehood . Then Allah said: "So, they will become partners in punishment That is how we deal with sinners They were those who, when it was said to them " there is no god but Allah "  behaved with insolence." (22)

Be careful, do not reject and avoid the monotheistic word, do not waste what is being implied in that word, and be ever prideful over the righteous word of Tawheed the Oneness of Allah. Do not waste the following of the Truth, do not insist on helping the false deities and their wicked systems because you will be with the people of destruction, sharing with them in their end.

You should know that Allah made this pure monotheism and this great Origin, the religion of Islam, and that Allah has chosen it for His monotheistic servants. So, every one who follows it "Islam ", his work will be accepted, and who ever follows any other religion , will be rejected and will be one of the losers. Allah said :"And Abraham left this legacy to his son, and to Jacob, and said "O, my son , Allah has chosen this as the faith for you Don’t die but as those who have submitted (to Allah)" (23) .And He said :"The true way with Allah is submission" (24) And :"And who ever seeks a way other than submission to Allah ,it will not be accepted from him, and he will be a loser in the world to come." (25)

Be careful not to limit the word religion, just to Christianity, or Judaism and so on, because you may follow the other false religions and go astray. It includes every religion, method, judgment system, and law, that the creatures follow and adhere to. All of these false religions must be left, and avoided, we must disbelieve in them avoid their helpers, and supporters, all except the monotheistic religion , the religion of Islam . Allah said, ordering us to say this to all disbelievers with their different religions: "Say: "O, the disbelievers ,I do not worship what you worship, and you do not worship what I worship, and I do not worship what you worship, and you do not worship what I worship, you have your religion, and I have my religion."

So, every religious community within the disbeliever communities that agreed with , met with, or gathered to a system that contradicts with Islam, this will be their religion. This may include Communism, Socialism, Secularism, and the other innovated methods, and principles, which the creatures invented with their minds or ideas, and then satisfied these ideas to be their religions. One of these is the democracy which is considered a religion that is a contradictory to Allah’s religion. Here are some quick words that show the error of this innovated, invented religion, which many people are fascinated by, even many people who claim Islam as their religion (claim that they are Muslims). They know that it is a religion different from the monotheistic religion, and they know it is one of the oblique ways, and that Satan stands at every door of these ways, calling to the Hell fire .To avoid him, and to invite all people to avoid him " ¦

This is A reminder to the good believers, And a Rousing to the negligent. And a performing of a pretext upon the stubborn. And an apology to Allah.


You should know that the origin of this bad word (democracy ) is not Arabic but Greek origin. It is a mixture and abbreviation of two words, (Demos) meaning people and (Cracy) meaning judgment, authority, legislation. That means that the literal translation of this word (Democracy) is (The people judgment), (The people authority) or (The people legislation) .

This is the greatest asset of the democracy, according to its people, and because of this, they praise, and laud it. At the same time, it is one of the most important characters of the unbelief, the polytheism, and the falsehood which contradicts with Islam and the monotheistic religion heartily. Because you knew that the principal origin, for which the creatures were created , and for which the Books were revealed, and for which the prophets were sent, and the greatest handhold of the Islam is monotheism and to declare Allah to be One , and to make the worship acts just for Him , to avoid worshipping any one except Him. Obedience in legislation is just one of the acts of worship that must be only for Allah, otherwise, the human will be a polytheist with the losers.

If this character was applied in democracy with its facts, and the judgment was for the people or the majority, which is the greatest wish of the democrats, I mean Communists or other people who claim to be Muslims. Or as it is nowadays, the judgment of the judges, or their families, or the big traders ,or the rich people, who have the capital and the mass media that enable them to reach to the parliaments (the democracy’s palaces), and their god (The king or the prince) who has the authority to dissolve the council or not, whenever and however he wants .

So, the democracy is on one side a polytheism and on the other side a disbelief in Allah that contradicts with monotheism, the religion of the messengers, and prophets, for many reasons. We mention:

Firstly It is the people’s legislation or the deity’s judgment, but it is not Allah’s judgment. Allah Ordered His Prophet (pbuh) to judge by what Allah revealed unto him, and asked him not to be swayed by people’s desires, and not to be lured into leaving what Allah revealed unto him. Allah said: "judge between them in the light of what has been revealed by Allah, and don’t follow their whims, and beware of them lest they lead you away from the guidance sent down to you by Allah." (26) This is in the monotheistic religion of Islam.

But in the democracy, polytheistic religion, it's slaves say: "Judge between them in the light of what has been accepted by people and follow their whims, desires and be ware of them lest they lead you away from what they want and legislate". They say that, and democracy says that, and then decides. This is a clear disbelief, an obvious polytheism if they apply it.

Even though they say all that, their deeds are worse than that .If some one talks about or disagrees with their fact he will say: "judge between them by what the deity and his special people want, and no legislation ,no law, can be decided before his consent, and agreement".

Secondly: It is the judgment of the mass or the deity, according to the constitution but not according to Allah’s decree. This is included in their constitutions’ books (27), which they sanctify more than the Quran. They prefer the judgment of these constitutions to that in the Quran. Therefore, the legislation and judgment of the people in the democracy religion, will not be accepted unless it is included in their constitution, because their constitution is the origin of their false laws. There is no consideration in the democracy religion to the verses of the Quran, or the traditions, or talks of the Prophet (pbuh). It is not possible for them to legislate any law according to the verse of the Quran and the tradition of the Prophet (pbuh) unless it agrees with their holy book (the constitution ). And you can ask the jurists, if you do not believe that.

Allah said :"" ¦And if you are at variance over something , refer it to Allah and the Messenger , if you believe in Allah and the Last Day .This is good for you and the best of settlements." (28) But the democracy religion says:" If you are at variance over something, refer it to the people and their council, and to their king, according to the positive law and constitution."!!

Allah said: "Fie on you and those you worship besides Allah ! Will not you understand?". (29) If the masses wanted to apply Allah’s decree, by the democracy religion, and through its legislative polytheistic councils they could not do it, unless the deity permitted it, except by the constitution and through its texts, because it is the holy book of the democracy. Or shall I say it's Torah, it's Bible which is corrupted according to their desires or whims.

Thirdly: The democracy is the evil result of secularism and its illegitimate daughter, because secularism is a fake doctrine that aims at separating the religion from the government .

The democracy is the judgment of the masses, or deities but it is not the judgment of Allah at all, it does not take into consideration Allah’s decree , unless it agrees with their constitution's texts, then what agrees with the mass’s desires, and before all of that, comes the desires of the deity .

So, if the people as a whole said to the deity and to the democracy’s gods: "We want to apply Allah’s decree. We want to prevent any one of the people, the parliament members, the ruler from being legislators. We want to apply Allah’s decree to the apostate, the adulterer, the thief, the drunkard. We want to force women to wear the hijab. We want to force women and men to have chastity. We want to prevent the dazzling display, the nakedness, the wickedness, the adultery, the sodomy and the other sins, and the other lewdnesses." They would quickly say: "This is contradictory to the democracy religion and its freedom.".

So this is the freedom of democracy: to be free from Allah’s religion and His legislation and the exceeding of His limits. But the legislation of the positive law, will be preserved in their bad democracy and every one who doesn’t agree or doesn’t accept these limits, he will be punished.

Therefore, democracy is a religion that is different from Allah’s religion. It is the judgment of their Satanic deity, but not of Allah. It is a law of different, separate gods, but not the law of Allah, the One , the Subduer. Everyone who accepts democracy, means that he accepts to be ruled by legislation that is written according to the constitution, and accepts that legislation to be preferred to the legislation of Allah, the One, the Subduer.

Even if someone legislated or not , won the polytheistic elections or not , his agreement with the polytheists about the democracy religion , and his agreement to make the legislation, and the judgment to be his , and to make his authority more important than Allah’s authority , and His Book , and His legislation , will then be a disbeliever himself. Therefore, this is an obvious, clear error, it is the polytheism itself.

The people in the democracy religion, select these representatives, and each group, or tribe will select a god of these disparate gods, to legislate according to their desires and whims, but according to the constitution’s texts, Some of them select their god (their legislator), according to their ideology, or way of thinking, so there will be a god for this party and another one for that. Some of them select him according to the tribe, so there will be a god for this tribe and another for that tribe. And some select a religious god, as they claim, or a bearded god (30), or an un bearded one, and so on. Allah said: "Have they other associates who have prescribed another law for them which has not been dispensed by Allah ? But for the decisive word (Allah), a sentence would have been passed amongst them. Surely there is a grievous punishment for the ungodly." (31)

These representatives, in fact, are erected, graven images and worshipped idols, and claimed gods that are set up and fixed in their temples, at their heathen sanctuaries (the parliaments). These representatives and their followers take the democracy and the constitution legislation as a religion. According to its texts, they legislate and produce laws, and before that they are ruled by their god and idol, the big pagan, who decides on their legislation or rejects it. And that is the prince or the king or the president.

These are the facts of democracy and its religion. The religion of the deity, not the religion of Allah. The religion of the polytheist people, not of the prophets. And the legislation of disparate gods, not of Allah, the One, the Subduer.

Allah said:"....are a number of gods better, or One God Omnipotent? (what) you worship besides Him are nothing but names that you and your fathers have assigned, for which no sanction has been sent down by God" (32) . And He also said:"" ¦. Is there any other god along with Allah? He is far too exalted for what they associate with him"(33)

So, you must choose the religion of Allah and His pure legislation, His brilliant light, His straight road. Or the democracy religion, and its polytheism, unbelief, it's closed, curved road. You must choose the judgment of Allah, the One, the Subduer, or the judgment of the man made deity.

Allah said:"" ¦ Distinct is the way of guidance now from error. He who turns away from the forces of evil and believes in Allah will surely hold fast to a handle that is strong and unbreakable .." (34). And said:" Say: "The truth is from your Lord: so believe if you like, or don’t believe if you will"  , We have prepared for the sinners afire " ¦ ".(35)

Allah said: "Do they seek another way than Allah’s? But whosoever is in the heavens and the earth is submissive to Allah and obedient (to Him), by choice or constraint, and will be returned to Him say: "We believe in Allah, and in what has been revealed to us, and in what had been sent down to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and their offspring, and what had been revealed to Moses and to Jesus and to all other Prophets by their Lord. We make no distinction between them, and we submit to Him and obey "and whoever seeks away other than submission to Allah, it will not be accepted from him, and he will be a loser in the world to come ".(36)