Abuse Reports

Catholic Bishop in Norway Dismissed Due to Sex Abuse

Oslo (ENI)
April 2010

Former Roman Catholic bishop Georg M ƒ ¼ller, who abruptly left his post as Bishop of Trondheim in Norway on 8 June 2009, was dismissed due to his sexual abuse of an altar boy 20 years ago, the Vatican has said. M ƒ ¼ller's dismissal was confirmed to journalists on 7 April by Vatican spokesperson the Rev. Federico Lombardi. The Catholic bishop of Oslo, Bernt Eidsvig, had earlier announced the dismissal in a press release. Eidsvig has been acting bishop of Trondheim since German-born M ƒ ¼ller, aged 58, left. Eidsvig said the matter had not been publicised earlier because the person abused had not wanted it made public, and had requested anonymity.