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Vatican Gives "Pardon"  to Paedophile Priest

Flying in the faces of mounting victims of pedophile within the Catholic Church, three disgraced Melbourne Catholic priests -- a pedophile, a fornicator and a third convicted of violence -- have received a form of pardon from the Vatican in Rome.

This decision overturns former Melbourne Archbishops George Pell decision to remove any form of entitlement these priests receive from the church. As a result of this Vatican decision these priests can now receive about $13000A a year for a living stipend. When asked about being overturned Archbishop Pell referred this to his successor in Melbourne, Archbishop Dennis Hart.

At the heart of this controversy is convicted pedophile priest Peter Waters, who leaves four victims in his wake . Mr. Waters is still a priest, while he cannot celebrate a mass publicly, cannot preach in public and cannot hear confessions, he is still allowed to seek a parish outside of Melbourne. This ability to go and serve in another parish could lead to finding and destroying other children's lives.

Monsignor Christopher Prowse, Vicar General of the Melbourne Diocese, speaking on behalf of Archbishop Hart, confirmed that Fathers Waters had traveled to Rome with two other priests and had appealed to the Congregation of the Clergy. "My understanding is that Fathers Waters was appealing against all the findings against him, including the Melbourne Diocese's acceptance of his guilt over the assaults, " Monsignor Prowse said. The Monsignor continues, "The Vatican has made no assessment of guilt or non guilt in Fathers Waters' case, but has given us advice on procedural grounds in regard to the case, and Archbishop Hart endorses this."

Again, mounting evidence shows Christians and non-Christians alike that the Catholic Church has a tremendous worldwide problem on it's hand with pedophile priests. With God's Word describing the forbidding of marriage as a doctrine of demons and the unwillingness of the Catholic Church to admit that this tradition of men is the root cause of this evil, the victims will continue to mount.

Moriel finds it appalling that in light of the continuing crises of pedophile priests, within its man made priesthood, that it would reverse it's own authorities and rule in favor of financially supporting priests convicted of this crime against children. This shows the world that they are not shepherds but wolves in sheep's clothing and they continue to drag Jesus' name.