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Petition Against ID Cards

With the rising level of intolerance against Christians in the UK (note the recent cases whereby people have lost jobs/careers for matters of conscience...or where the 5-year old primary schoolgirl was told off for telling her friend about Jesus) it wise to allow our identity and movements to be monitored so closely by any government quite so closely?

Attitudes are hardening towards Christians, and closer control or surveillance is sure to follow. Pressure groups are planning to change existing legislation later this year so that any unflattering or critical comments made about homosexuality, etc., etc. are made punishable. Similar legislation is paralleled into European law to close the gaps.

They plan to make references from the Word of God on such sinful and illicit life tyles illegal. The ID card will be expanded such that they negate the need for cash, etc.

It will also mean they can penalise you at source, freeze your access to finances, prevent you from travelling, etc., etc . Think it through...

There is a petition you can sign to protect your identity and freedoms.

ID Cards - Labour's Bad IDea

Labour’s plan to introduce ID cards will cost billions of pounds but will not make us safer and could expose the public to an even greater risk of identity fraud.

ID cards are a very bad IDea "“ and you can call on the Government to scrap them by signing our petition today.

ID cards will not make us safer:

  • They do not prevent terrorist attacks "“ ID cards are compulsory in Spain, but that did not stop the Madrid bombings in 2004
  • They will not prevent illegal immigration, as foreign visitors will not have to have an ID card unless they plan to stay for more than three months
  • They won’t prevent human trafficking "“ only a dedicated Border Police Force can enforce proper checks on people entering and leaving the country

ID cards are a waste of money:

  • Everybody will have to pay ‚ £93 to get one "“ this is the official estimated price for a combined ID card and passport package
  • Implementing the scheme will cost up to ‚ £20 billion of taxpayers’ money, according to estimates from the London School of Economics

A recipe for disaster:

We’ve had data loss after data loss from this incompetent Government.

  • The personal details of 25 million individuals, and the bank details of 15 million people, were lost by HM Revenue and Customs
  • The DVLA lost the details of 3 million learner drivers
  • The names, addresses and expected release dates of every prisoner in England and Wales were on an unencrypted memory stick that went missing

The introduction of ID cards will see almost 30 separate pieces of personal information about you - including your name, date of birth, previous addresses, photograph, signature, fingerprints and other biometric details "“ stored in one place.

The potential for another data loss disaster is huge "“ and that is why it’s vital that everyone who is opposed to ID cards joins our campaign today.

We ‚  will scrap the ID cards scheme, and use some of the savings to build more prison places, provide more drug rehabilitation for those in custody ‚  and create a ‚  dedicated Border Police Force.

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