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South Africa Missions Report November 2009

Dear Friends

We want to end this year giving praise to our God for His supply that he has often wrought through you. When David Lister asked me to put together a review of the year I felt quite daunted as so much has happened and I did not want to forget to thank anyone for their input. So that's why I want to begin with thanks giving to our God and to our supporters for all that you have done. From Jacob and Dave Lister who always mention the work wherever they go, to all our administrators who are so supportive, to my family who put up with my insecurities and especially to my parents who host me. The list goes on and on and on and so we give Glory to God.

[caption id="attachment_5380" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Abigail Royle"]New baby Royle[/caption]

On a personal family note this has been an amazing year. My son Anthony and his wife Liz produced a lovely little girl named Abigail who is a real joy to us. This was followed in March with the marriage of our youngest son Aaron to Erin who he met while she was over here in South Africa on mission. To see them all grow during this year has been fantastic as parents and we pray that as our family grows that God would continue to increase it.

Christopher has now started to step up to the mark as our partner in ministry. While I am away Chris has begun leading Sunday fellowship and contributing to the daily devotionals. His job for Moriel includes copying and distributing DVD’s etc to South African customers. He does most aspects of administration and oversees our local staff members, especially security. He is a real joy to have around and to see him grow and mature is a real pleasure as a father.

The year began on a high with the opening of our church meeting area. This was paid for by the believers and made of local materials so it didn’t cost and arm or a leg. It’s been great to see it also used as a class room for all our kids as well as functioning as a local fellowship. During January I also went to oversee the work in Kenya and Tanzania. As you know we are building a children’s village outside Arusha and through the generous donations of our mission partners we had completed several houses that were ready to move into.

[caption id="attachment_5381" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Aaron and Erin"]Aaron and Erin[/caption]

February saw two significant things. First of all our beloved Sam went to be with Jesus and this saw the church used for a funeral for the first time. Secondly we had the arrival of Lina and Marijke as missionaries for one year. It’s hard to believe that this year is nearly over and soon they will be gone and hopefully replaced by two other people in the position of a teacher and a nurse.

In March I went on tour to the UK sharing at various fellowships and in April we had the special event of releasing Salvador and Dianne to be Moriel missionaries to Kwazulu Natal. Kwazulu has always been a burden on Sals heart but he said when joining us for his second time in South Africa that he would only go if God gave him a wife. Well along comes Di and it soon become apparent that not only did Sal share Gods heart for Kwazulu but that Di shared it too and so on April the 6th they had their last weekend with us and departed. Today they have shown such faithfulness in Gods mission despite a lot of trials and discomfort. They are a couple who never ask for themselves so all I will say is that in the coming year we are praying the Lord will provide some basic utilities to make their life more comfortable.

[caption id="attachment_5383" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Our latest addition"]sa4[/caption]

In May Lyn and I went for our annual leave in Australia although this was a bit of a Bus mans holiday with a busy preaching schedule. It was good to leave the work in the capable hands of Chris, Lina, Marijke and the team and to come home and fine the place still going strong.

This year has seen the ministry welcome some lovely additions, humanly speaking and with Material things. On the people front saw us have a visit from Jacob whose tour was almost over when he was taken ill in Cape Town. We thank the Lord than when I saw him at the CMFI conference in October he had lost 20 pounds and was relaxed and happy. Long may this trend continue as I know I would like Jacob around for a long long time. In September just before my Autumn UK tour we had the pleasure of David Lister, Jeff and Judy Baker and Judy’s sister Brenda come and stay for a short while. During this time we had a rainwater collection system installed and various repairs done as Jeff is a builder. Judy and Brenda made themselves busy with Lyn and the kids and I was sorry to see them leave.

[caption id="attachment_5384" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Our new wheels"]Our new wheels[/caption]

Other people to arrive were Mouse and Simmy two small children who suffer from Cerebral palsy and other conditions. They were so tiny and frail and we pray that during their introduction to the home they would be stimulated and also grow physically. We also will be having a new little girl soon who has to be fed from a tube so watch this space for her arrival.

The last year the Lord has provided us with so many material things as well. Before their departure Sal and Di were able to purchase a 4x4 with the sale of their car and a gift from Moriel Missions. In September we also were able to purchase a 4x4 to take the kids to hospital in large groups.

On top of this there has been some renewed infrastructure and we are as ever always grateful to the donation of a generator that keeps the power on during the many blackouts we experience in this area. On top of this the lord has provided everything we have needed for food, bills, medicines and staff payments during the last 12 months so we are constantly praising Him for His provision.

[caption id="attachment_5385" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Moriel Girl's School"]sa5[/caption]

This Month (November) sees Lyn and I go up to Tanzania to visit the children’s home that is developing. One thing they need is the systems in place that ensure everyone of our children and new born babies get the love, care and nurture they need, So please pray for this visit and for our team leader Norbert who does a good job with a lack of consistent resources. As with many missions it is often either feast or famine. Please pray for the Moriel associated churches in Tanzania. These are growing fast and in fact the Masai church there has grown to be the largest Masia church in the area.

So what does the next year hold?

Well we cant say, God is sovereign and he sits in the Heavens and does as He pleases. All we know is, is that He is a great God and as long as we submit our ways to Him then our paths will be straight and He will do great things with those who will humble themselves and seek His face.

Issues for prayer

  • We need people. To be specific, a teacher, a nurse and a cook. You don’t have to be super spiritual, just hands on, roll your sleeves up, normal kind of people. CH Spurgeon called himself a "˜Plodder’. Well look what God did with a plodder, now imagine what He can do with any life heading His call.
  • I would like someone to take on Aletheia in my place. It didn’t work out with Zak and so the church I planted 7 years ago is still under my leadership. Well God is sovereign and so probably that’s what He wants and if so please ask the Lord to give me the peace I need to do this as I want to be in His will all the time.
  • Please continue to pray for all the children in all their challenging circumstances. They are very brave kids and we love them to bits and God thus far has preserved everyone of them in His Grace.
  • As we grow, God has provided all the finances we need. I do not take this for granted and we pray every evening "Give us our daily Bread". Please support us in prayer in this area.


How can you help us?

  1. Please pray, this is the engine room of the ministry
  2. Please consider working with us out here on mission
  3. Please consider supporting us financially
  4. Please add your name to the newsletter list

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Many thanks in Jesus

Dave Royle and all at Moriel South Africa