Tanzania Missions

Tanzania Update July 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
First of all I need to say thank you for all the donations that have come in for the establishment of Ebyown Children's Village Tanzania. I am overjoyed that God through you has supplied the resources for this great need.

Many calls have come in to all our Moriel offices and questions are being asked of Jacob regarding the progress ahead. So this letter is to bring everyone up to speed.

Hold ups

  • As you know buildings need plans to ensure that what we build is on a firm foundation. This is a biblical and practical truth and we are awaiting of the plans to be sent and approved.
  • Secondly, the Bible teaches that you don't build unless you have counted the cost. This is true of the building. We have endeavored to find a local reliable builder who can come in at a decent cost. This can only be done with the correct plans and so we have had to estimate the cost and we look on track. It's kind of a chicken and egg situation.
  • The Bible says the workers are few. We have had lots of offers of practical help from well meaning brethren but now they have disappeared from whence they came. The Bible says let your yes be yes and your no be no.


  • While we have not been able to get started, one more young lady has been Raped. According to custom she now forfeits her rights to family. Despite putting in safety protocols for taking children back to their villages one of them has been targeted by an evil individual. I pray that whoever he is and God knows, that he will be brought swiftly to justice.
  • Just as you think it cant get worse the teachers have gone on strike.

The long and the short is this. Things in rural Tanzania progress slowly. here in the west we have to have planning permission and architects drawings. Our land is given to us by the Tanzanian government and we have similar stipulations. We also have to transfer finances to a third world country that has monetary stipulations to stop money laundering. Identifying a good builder in a country that is riddled with corruption at every level in society is also difficult and finally the isolation from the main town of Arusha where we get supplies is also a factor. At times of year due to rain the rough roads are impassable.

In short, progress is slow but be assured every day I am in contact with Tanzania looking for progress that will end with the establishing of this children's village.

Once again thank you for your love and support. The work does not stop here, after the village is built there are teachers needed, nurses, others to employ, and the daily medical and food needs to provide.

Every Blessing

Dave Royle
Director Moriel Missions
Psalm 68:5-6