South Africa Missions

Jacob & Pavia Visit Ebyown

Jacob, Pavia, & Pastor Bernard Mathe at entrance of Ebyown Children's Ministry
Jacob, Pavia, & Pastor Bernard
Jacob & Pavia standing in front of house at the squatter's camp.
Jacob & Paulina
Jacob, Pavia, & Katie - Ebyown manager & nurse at Ebyown Children's Village.
Dave & Lyn, Jacob & Pavia, & Paulina

It was good to see Jacob and his lovely wife Pavia on their visit to South Africa. High on Jacobs agenda was a visit to the site of the Childrens village. Jacob and Pavia are very excited at the potential. Although it will be at least June before the initial influx of children we were able to show them the outreach work that is going on. This included a visit to the neighbouring squatter camp where conditions can be very grim.

So what exactly did Jacob and Pavia see?

First of all we gave them a tour of the grounds and showed them the area our first double unit would be built. We are still R70,000 short of the figure needed and Jacob was keen that we somehow raise the finances as quickly as possible.

Then we took them onto Skindal the name of the squatter camp and went to visit an elderly grandmother who is also a local artist.

Jacob alos took ‚  a gospel service which drew a large crowd of local people including two witch doctors who came hear what he had to say.

We also had opportunity for a photo shoot and you can see pictures of Jacob, Pavia, Dave Lyn, Bernard and Paulina. By the way Paulina loves Jacob as you can see.

The Moriel Community Fellowshoip ‚  joined with Aletheia on Wednesday night and it was the best attended meeting ever at Springs. Jacob gave a word concerning fellowship that was well recieved.

All in all, it was encouraging to see Jacob and Pavia taking time to get to know the people and also go where a lot of white people are afraid to go due to the high crime on the squatter camps and when they left we were greatly encouraged.