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Prayer Request for Viet Nam Church

Moriel requests prayer for believers attacked in Vietnam. Our friends in Vietnam have informed us of a brutal attack on a Vietnamese Mennonite church last Monday June 9th. The police were involved in the attack against believers, including children, who were gathered for a summer bible camp. See the following report.

Please pray that the believers who were attacked may recover physically, emotionally and grow stronger spiritually through this persecution.

Moriel Japan

At 23.00pm the night of 06.09.2014 there are a few hundred people, including police, government at all levels, civil defense, the thugs pulled up to the gate smashed Mennonite Bible School at the D10, My Phuoc district Ben Cat, Binh Duong province. After breaking the gate they enter into the school, they assaulted, beaten all people here and ransacked careful the whole school. They captured 29 pastors and 47 students, brutally beaten injure more than 20 people including pastors, church leaders, both juniors, students, primary students who come here to study the Summer Bible Study.

Police also throwing hundreds of stone into school, the roof is cracking. Police also pulled down the gates and doors. Police attacked in the head with Pastor, beaten his chest 2 times, he is now stunned and damaged one tooth left; so many theology students are smarting pain, they could not go to the doctor because the militia or police, gangsters stop halfway.

It is known that searched, beaten and arrested people without authorization from the competent authority. The persecution starts at 11pm on 09 June and just ended on 1.00 am of 10 June, 2014.

Pastor said the work is still done every year. This time he held this for Pastor Retreat and gives the degree for the pastors and group leaders of the ethnic areas and their students from 9th to 12th of June 2014.