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Philippine Garbage Dump Children April 2013

  Jennarose's home

Grace and peace be unto you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

The coming of Brother Geoff Toole this April 14-15 was a blessing. We visited the four sick children at their home. (Rialyn Cali, Romar Ibanez, Shyrose Baladbad, Jenna rose Romero). They are on our main concern, Bro. Geoff pray for them and brought encouraging words to their family. He also lead us a Bible Seminar. The attendance were more than 35
including mothers, one pastor's wife, and young peoples. Every one received additional knowledge from the lessons of God's word and we all had a happy fellowship.

RialynOur young children who are regular in attending Young Peoples Fellowship with other churches was unanimously chosen to be the Host for  the next YP Fellowship on June 1,2013. This will be their first time hosting the activity. Let's pray for them.

Last week we attended church anniversary. Our young children sung their praise song number for the Lord.

Pastor Geoff prayingWe've been at Phil. Heart Center, the Doctor examined Jennarose who have a heart problem. The Doctor wants her to be confined but the pregnant mother requested her child to be confined after she gave birth. The Doctor scheduled Jennarose to return on July 23 for X-ray, CBC, & APC, Urinalysis and 2D Echo. She will undergo electrocardiogram on July 31.

While Shyrose with the same heart problem was scheduled to return on May. Her mother will process the required papers to get the yellow card (access card).

Regarding Rialyn, we brought her to EENT Surgeon. The Doctor Advise her mother to let Rialyn's bone mature before having the second surgery. The Doctors explanation was- if second surgery done (which is the cleft palate) on her fresh age and while she is growing up, the gums muscles will stretch and the bone will expand which tend to deformity. We had look for another Doctor and they have almost the same opinion. The mother decided to wait for possible years.

IMG_0233We as God's people, not only most concern about spiritual needs but also for physical. Please let us pray together for them. Thank you very much. May the Lord God continue to bless His ministry.

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Paul

IMG_0162I was blessed to visit Olongapo again this April. The work there is growing steadily. Firstly it was great to see so many of the young children growing in their faith and knowledge of the Lord. Between 50 and 70 kids come each day to the feeding program. Many of them them are regular attenders in church and bible studies. Some of them have already been baptized. All of them are are happy despite their surroundings. This work helps to improve their lives and is a shining testimony for the Lord in that place.

IMG_0251Two years before, I mentioned to David Lister that soon the families of the children would come. Pastor Paul had a great idea to invite the mothers to help with the food preparation and through that many are now attending regular bible studies and asking good questions. They understood my message well during our bible study and were challenged by it. Praise the Lord!

shyroseThe meager conditions of some of the families in the immediate area cannot be overstated. Imagine living by a garbage dump, with the wind blowing trash all around the area, and then not having four walls and a proper floor. Add to this the lack of water connection to many houses and a multitude of flies. That is where mothers take care of their new born babies. Jenna Rose, whose blood vessel from her heart is undersized, lives in such a house. Her mother is due to give birth right away. Let's pray for her family that God will provide for them and keep them from illness and protect the new baby. Especially for Jenna Rose's condition. Soon she will require life saving surgery and it is our prayer that Moriel will be able to help in that way. Despite being very small, she looked happy and her mother is a tough lady. She also attends the bible studies.

IMG_0220Shyrose lives in a tiny house on a steep hill. She has a hole in her heart which will inevitably require treatment. Let's pray also that God will keep her healthy until and through the time of surgery. Romar also has a hole in his heart and requires continual medication. The families of these children recycle scraps from the junk pile to make a living. Even providing three meals a day is often impossible. Medicine is out of the question. Please pray that this mission will continue to be able to help these families, and that Romar will have a strong and healthy heart.

IMG_0239Rialyn, the little girl who had surgery on her cleft lip, is doing fine. There is a scar which will go in time. It was hard for them to decide to wait until Rialyn is older to receive the connective surgery for her gum (which is also cleft). Will the mission still be there in 10 or 12 years time? Will pastor Paul still be alive? These are real questions the mother has to struggle with. Please pray for her family too. May the Lord give them peace and faith to provide for them. Also that her family might come to know the LORD as Saviour as well as provider.