Kenya Missions

Kenya and the KIKUYA Tribe

Jacob Prasch & Moriel are pleased to have been invited by African clergy to conduct Pastor's seminars in Black Africa and partake in the word of the Lord to the KIKUYA tribe of central Kenya where there has been a massive move of God.

In addition to poverty, AIDS pandemic, and lack of resources, Black African Pastors have been widely seduced by apostate doctrines from South Africa & the USA, especially money preachers, where they are coequally as prepared to exploit and take from the poor as they are to connive in the richer countries. The Bible twisting perversion if these con artists and charlatans is compounded by the mixture of indigenous African superstition of Christianity. Evangelism is dynamic and many are saved. But Jesus said to make disciples,not converts and the hype artistry and heretical con artistry means that too many of these precious brethren after being saved wind up in deception instead of in biblical discipleship.

Please pray for the work of Moriel and Jacob Prasch, the KIKUYA people, and for our seminars for Black African Pastors.