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Comforting Those Who Mourn - February 2008 - Part 3

By His wounds we"ve been healed!(1 Peter 2:24)

I recently sent a detailed letter to the Russian Embassy in New York, asking them to explain why I was denied entrance to Russia last month. When I was at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow, the agent there had claimed that she couldn"t explain exactly why I was being refused, and that I"d have to contact the Embassy here in the US for them to explain it to me. And so, that"s what I did, sending them a letter so as to find out why they denied my entrance. In the letter I pointed out the fact that the document I had been given in Moscow was to have been signed by both them and me, but that in fact, there were no signatures whatsoever on that document. I asked the Russian Embassy in New York to explain why I was not permitted to enter the country, and shared about how I"ve been helping the people of Beslan. Well, last week I received the Embassy"s "answer,"  if that"s what you want to call it. ‚  In the classic Russian style of "let"s ignore the facts because they really make no difference to us whatsoever,"  they ignored basically everything in my letter, only responding by saying that I was refused in accordance with law 27. The reason their "reply"  was so hilarious was that the document which was given to me in Moscow (and which I photocopied and sent to the NY Embassy) already stated that! Well, at least I know they can read. But I was asking them to explain why they used that law to deny me entrance, for the agent in Moscow had assured me that the Embassy in the US would be able to do so. I"m obviously going to send them another letter, but I waited to do so because in all honesty, I really felt like writing one of those "you big dumb idiots!"  kind of letter. Practical wisdom said to wait, since one"s immediate response is usually not always the best one to send. J ‚   One reason which might have been part of their reasoning for denying my entrance into Russia might have been due to the fact that I had recently been in Israel. This thought had occurred to me before, but since it seemed like only one of a number of " ˜reasons’ they might have had, I didn’t think too much about it. But my dad came across a highly interesting news report " “ a correspondent (Natalya Morar) with "The New Times"  Magazine was not permitted to enter Russia after returning from a business trip in Israel. She too was detained at the Domodedovo Airport, and denied access courtesy of the FSB (Russia’s FBI, who are basically just the old KGB with a new name and a tad more tolerance). They also cited a statute to her, but didn’t explain the reason. (Wow, that’s quite similar to my experience!) So our ability to enter the former Soviet Union could have been based on Russia’s historical lack of fondness for God’s chosen people. As we know, Russia welcomed the Hamas leadership when the majority of the world wouldn’t, and Putin is rather supportive of and cordial with Iran - a nation lead by a psycho who has publicly stated his desire to see Israel wiped off the map. But as I read more about the correspondent (Natalya) who was detained, I also discovered another reason she was probably denied entrance: she had written a story which claimed Putin’s administration ran a slush fund for financing political parties. Russian diplomats declared that Natalya was not permitted to enter Russia because she was " ˜a risk to national security,’ and therefore banned from going back to Russia. Anyone that’s been following news about Russia over the past few years knows that this is the way mother Russia operates " “ speak up, and be silenced" ¦ either by death, or by other methods. For more information on Natalya’s denial, check out: and

To God’s praise things are going well here in Pittsburgh, and we had a blessed time Saturday evening at our home Bible study as we read through The Book of Ephesians. There is a Friday evening Bible study which The Lord has blessed me to be teaching as I’m filling in for a friend, & we’re studying through 1 Peter. If any of you would like the study notes, just let me know and I’d be happy to forward them to you. The CD for the people of Beslan in getting closer to completion, and I’ve been working for a good while on some of the final edits; I must confess, finalizing songs is definitely not the most enjoyable part of the process! Pasted below are the lyrics for one of the songs, called "when the door closes."  This song, as the name indicates, as about when The Lord allows doors to be closed in our lives, and it’s written with several personal experiences in mind. I hope it encourages and ministers to you!

I’ve recently started back tutoring English for foreign students here in Pittsburgh, and I’m enjoying the interesting opportunities to meet different people and learn more about them and their culture. Wow " “ can you believe it’s already just about half way through February?! Lord willing, in just about a month, I’m hoping to head out to Italy for a short outreach. Please keep us in your prayers, that Jesus’ will might be done in & through us. Pray for Anthony, who’s heading up the outreach, and for all of us to be prepared for and open to what The Lord wants to do in Rome. And please pray that God will provide all the necessary finances for the trip if He’s willing that I should go.

Thanks so very much for your continual love and prayers for the people of Beslan, and for me as well! The people of Beslan will continue to be ministered to via the amazing technology The Lord has enabled us to have, and please keep them in your prayers!

Those who trust in Him will not be disappointed,

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By His wounds we’ve been healed!

(1 Peter 2:24)

Lyrics pasted below

When the door closes" ¦

Lord, i don’t understand " “ why did the door close?
and i don’t understand" ¦ but You’re The One Who knows.
I couldn’t see it coming, why did the door go slam?
but You were not surprised, for You’re The Great I Am.
I know You let it happen, and that there is a reason.
it could be shut for life - or maybe just for this season.
O Abba, You know why, and that is all i need to know.
Lord, let Your will be done " “ and help my faith to grow!

when the door closes, help me to trust in You!
and when the door closes " “ i know You’ll see me through.
" ˜Cos when the door closes, You’re still upon the throne.
I choose to trust You " ˜cos Your Eyes see farther than my own!

Broken relationship" ¦ my trip that never happened" ¦
A border closed to me" ¦ so many plans flattened.
By the weight of reality, and i can only say:
Lord let Your will be done, and don’t let me get in Your way!
Because You’ve always shown: You’re there to dry my tears.
You’re there to take my hand, and drive away the fears.
O God, i love You, and i know You’ll work this all for good.
Lord help me trust Your ways, even when not understood.

When the door closes, help me to trust in You!
And when the door closes " “ i know You’ll see me through.
" ˜Cos when the door closes, You’re still upon the throne.
I choose to trust You " ˜cos Your Eyes see farther than my own!

Lord, help me to be still " “ and know that You Are God.
You’ll be exalted in the earth, and Your Name they will laud!
I know You’re in control " “ and that Your will is best
Ii submit myself to you, and Yah, in You i rest.

‚ ©2008, jason alan catizone