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Comforting Those Who Mourn - February 2008 - Part 2

Don"t follow the masses in doing what"s evil(Exodus 23:2)

The popular belief that bad things are okay because "everybody"s doing them"  is a lie that the adversary often uses in order to coax us to give in and just go with the flow. After all, why try to swim upstream, right? Wrong! Walking
in truth, righteousness, godliness, and holiness will often mean that we"ll have few companions along the way, but be that as it may, God's Word instructs us to not follow the crowd in doing what"s evil. Popularity does not justify sin. We are called to follow Jesus, and to pursue His ways, be they "popular"  or not. Let"s resolve in our hearts once again just to follow Jesus Christ; no turning back!

The Lord blessed me yesterday to talk with one of the families in which I’m very close to " “ many of you may remember young Mairbek from past updates, and his grandma (Sima) called me yesterday. They were wondering why they hadn’t heard from me for such a long time, and I explained to them what had happened a few weeks back. They were quite shocked and disappointed, but I was able to remind them that I’m still telling others about them and that we’re still praying for them. (For those that don’t remember, young Mairbek - who was 8 at the time - was one of the many hostages held for three days during the 2004 terrorist attack there in Be.slan; Mairbek was there along with his mom, Anzhela. Anzhela, like many others, was in very bad health while held there in the gym because of the extreme heat, absence of food and water, and so forth. Mairbek found a coin in his pocket, worth about 20 cents, and approached one of the terrorists, asking him to let his mom go if he’d give him the coin. The terrorist obviously refused; Anzhela didn’t survive that nightmare.) I was able to talk with Mairbek for about a half hour yesterday, and we talked about school and all. God enabled me to remind Mairbek that Jesus loves him, and for him to read his Bible and also visit the Sunday School there. Mairbek told me as well. "God loves you,"  and he also reminded me of the admonition that he often gave me when I lived there in Beslan: " ˜Don’t open your door at night!’ Please pray for Mairbek and his family.

To The Lord’s praise, I’m getting closer to wrapping up the songs for the new CD for the youth. I attached a short mp3 from the chorus of one of the songs called, "rep (represent) The Real Jesus;"  at the end of this update you’ll find the lyrics to the song. Praise God, one of my dear brothers & friends there, Batik, has been translating the words into Russian, & so the youth there will be able to read the translation of this & other songs!

In other Russian news, a sister from Vl.adik.avkaz (a big city quite close to B.eslan) recently emailed me with a request to try & help her two sons. Our sister’s name is Zalina, and two of her children " “ Murat and Ruslan " “ have autism. Zalina basically poured out her heart, asking me to try & find information on how to help and work with her kids. She told me that despite the fact that she knows that many other kids in that region also have autism, the doctor told her (in what is unfortunately quite common Ru.ssian style) that her two sons are "the only ones"  who have it " “ and this in a region of at least 200,000 people! Zalina said that there are no programs there whatsoever for children/families dealing with autism, as no one wants to touch these kids. And so if any of you know anything about autism, or know others who do, I’d really appreciate hearing from you. To my shame, I know almost nothing about this disability, but with Yah’s help I hope to try and gather all I can to pass on to her. Another sister there (Tamara) speaks English very well, & so can help translate the information into Russian. Please keep Zalina and her family as well as this opportunity to serve in your prayers. Who knows? Perhaps The Lord will start some kind of ministry to help the families there. Perhaps The Lord will put us in touch with people who could go and conduct seminars there? There is no limit to what The Lord can do, and so please email me if you have any ideas/contacts concerning ways to share Jesus’ love in helping Zalina and her children and others like them.

Lord willing, I’m hoping to go to Italy next month for about two weeks (tentatively between 3/11-3/25), doing outreach with my brother in The Lord, Anthony, and his group, alongside Calvary Chapel Rome. We will be doing street evangelism, as well as holding teaching sessions for the fellowship; we also hope to visit some Mormon " ˜church’ there to witness to them. Should be exciting! I’m hoping to get to Italy before the outreach in Rome begins, in order to head south to try and find documentation on whether or not our family has Jewish heritage. My Dad’s side of the family is from Calabria, and there is a very real possibility we have at least some Jewish blood in our family line. The area they came from has had many Jews living there throughout the centuries, and a Rabbi there informed me that our last name as well as another in our genealogy have Jewish roots. I’ve been able to locate the exact small town they came from, and there are still some people there with our last name, so I’m hoping to be able to meet them and have the chance to share Jesus in some way. Please pray for our outreach, as well as for my opportunity to meet family; pray that Jesus will use us for His glory, and that He will provide for us and guide us.

And just a reminder for those of you who are in the Pittsburgh area that we’re having a home Bible study this Saturday evening. We’d love to have you if you can make it, and we’ll meet at 7 PM at our house " “ if you need directions please just give me a call (412-279-3307). We’re going to read through The Book of Ephesians, and then discuss some of things The Lord is sharing with us through His Word.

Thanks for all your prayers for, and share in, this ministry! I hope that as you’ve read this update, The Lord has allowed you to see the many things He’s blessed us to share in, and to be encouraged to realize that His work goes on unhindered. Seasons change, and doors open and close, but the main thing is to keep on following Him and serving Him regardless of the location. And so, my fellow aliens and strangers, let’s keep on running this race for His glory, and by His strength. Jesus never fails!

Please pray for:

  • Mairbek and his family to follow Jesus, and that The Lord will continue to comfort their hearts;
  • Zalina, her sons Murat and Ruslan - and for the opportunity to find ways to minister to them and others there who have loved ones with autism; pray for Yah’s wisdom and guidance;
  • God’s help in finishing the new CD;
    The Lord’s guidance and provision for the Italy outreach;
  • Favor with the Ru.ssian authorities " “ I mailed them a letter detailing what happened to me in Moscow, and asking them to explain why that decision was made;
  • Jesus to use me here in Pittsburgh as I teach English to Japanese students;
  • The home Bible study/fellowship night we’re having this Saturday.

His lovingkindness is everlasting,

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Don’t follow the masses in doing what’s evil

(Exodus 23:2)

Lyrics of "Rep' The Real Jesus" Click here to listen

It’s time to rep The Real Jesus " “ The Matchless One!
It’s time to rep The Real Jesus " “ God’s Only Son!
It’s time to rep The Real Jesus " “ The Reigning One!
It’s time to rep The Real Jesus " “ God’s Risen Son!

Yo quit the nice talk, and quit your patronism. yo quit the stupid lies, and quit your egotism.
Because The Real Jesus, He wasn’t just a man. He wasn’t just a good teacher from a far-off land.
So don’t just call Him prophet, & don’t just give your nod. He doesn’t need your vote, " ˜cos He’s both Lord & God.
And i'm so sick of all the lies that scholars say" ¦ their "secret facts"  on Jesus, and how they lead astray.
Into your biased mind, yo’ let this grind in: Jesus He really hates it, when you redefine Him!
Who do you think you are, to try and change the facts: to make a " ˜modern jesus,’ just for egomaniacs?
You see, the truth is that ‚   ‚   ‚   ‚   ‚   you think it’s about you. Well, Jesus disagrees " “ and so that makes me doubt you.
The facts of history: Jesus came, and died, and rose. He Is The Only Way to God and that’s just how it goes.

You see, the problem is, that you don’t want to change. And so you take what’s true, and try to rearrange
The things that Jesus said, cos well " “ you don’t agree. You try to spin the truth, just to make your conscience free.
But I got news for you, you’re in a fantasy. No matter what you think" ¦ that don’t make reality.
Perhaps these words offend you, " ˜cos truth can bring us pain. However, lies will kill us. So let the truth remain
Jesus was virgin-born, just like the prophet told. He was fully unique, and He broke every mold.
He Was and Is and will be God’s Only Begotten-Son. No matter what you think, He’s The Returning One.
And Jesus Is The Judge, and no, He don’t take bribes. He’s gonna rightly judge, all of the world’s tribes.
Jesus, both Man and God " “ Jesus, The King Above. He Is The Real Jesus, and The Savior Whom I love!

Yeshua, Ha-Adon! Yeshua, sar-Shalom!
Yeshua Tiqvati! Yeshua, Adoni!
Yeshua, Ha-Qadosh! Yeshua, Hu Ha-Rosh!
Yeshua Tsidqati! Yeshua Go’ali!

Jesus, The Lord! Jesus, Prince of Peace!
Jesus, my Hope! Jesus, my Lord!
Jesus, The Holy One! Jesus " “ He Is The Head (of the body)!
Jesus, my Righteousness! Jesus, my Redeemer!

Guitar: Dan Evans
j.a.c. ‚   ‚ ©2000