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Comforting Those Who Mourn - February 2007

YHWH's Eyes "move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His." (2 Chronicles 16:9, NASB)

As His Eyes roam around the world, may He see us as ones whose hearts are fully His!

Shalom brothers, sisters, and friends! I wanted to send an update on the ministry to Bsln, and how things are progressing at the present time. Lord willing, i'm hoping to return there in mid/late March, and am still waiting to receive my new passport and then be approved for a visa - and so your prayers are greatly appreciated!

To God's glory and praise, as many of you know, there is now an "Adopt a Family in Bsln to Pray for" program which is up and running. Many of you are already familiar with - and part of - the program, for which I greatly thank you for all your prayers on their behalf! For those who don't know about it, the "Adopt a Family" program is one that matches believers with victims' families there in Bsln, Russia, for the purpose of keeping them before The Father in prayer. There are no financial commitments or anything like that... just a heart that desires to support these grieving families by prayer. If you or your church are interested in 'adopting' a family to pray for, please just write and let me know.

To The Lord's honor and glory, He also blessed me to finish a new music CD. There are 13 songs on it, dealing with such topics as: loving Jesus first, Bsln, hope in Christ, Israel, and lots more. Most of the tracks are instrumental, and there are printed lyrics for those songs which do have vocals. I'm not sure exactly how to classify the music - there are lots of different styles, but I guess 'orchestral meets hip-hop' sort of summarizes it. (Now that sounds strange!) If you would like a free copy, or would like to get some free CDs into the hands of your youth group, church, unbelieving friends, etc., just send me an email and we'll be happy to get them out to you.

The main two projects to finish are the Bsln Informational CD (which is almost complete), and another music CD featuring Christian songs sung in both Ossetian and Russian. The Informational CD contains lots of photos, web links, and info about Bsln, the ministry, what took place there, and so on. (If you still have not sent a photo of you/your family to be on the info CD but you'd like to do so, please get those to me ASAP! The disc is just about finished.) And the other remaining project - the new music CD - it will Lord willing have several songs to bless the believers there in Bsln, as well as touch those still outside His family. I would greatly appreciate your prayers for God's will to be done and His help with these projects as well!

Please pray for:

  • Lena - a mom in Bsln who lost her only child in the terrorist attack, and has serious health issues;
  • Vladimir, a teenage boy who survived the terrorist attack along with his mom, but lost his father there;
  • The Lord's favor in getting my new passport and visa quickly;
  • Noah - a young believer here in the US who's been through a lot health-wise, and could really use your prayers;
  • A friend's fellowship overseas, which is going through a very serious problem regarding a pastor;
  • Joe and Bill - two Mormons The Lord has blessed some of us here in Pittsburgh to witness to... pray that they repent and turn to the True God and His Son, Jesus Christ;
  • The Lord to bless Chip, Jamie, and the other saints in full-time outreach to the Mormons;
  • Jerusalem's peace;
  • Me, for YHWH to fill me with His Holy Spirit, wisdom, strength, patience, and love - and for Him to bless and raise up the Informational CD and new music CD for His glory and Name's sake!

Thank you all so, so much for all of your love and support - all glory, praise, and honor be to YHWH, The Only God!

Psalm 90

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