Haiti Update March 2010

We are on schedule to have a team in Haiti April 12 - 20 to distribute the 17,000 lbs of large tents between Calvary Chapel Caneille and Calvary Chapel Port-au-Prince, transport them, and erect a few, while training a few Haitians to repair & erect them also. The tents are of various sizes and quantities, from 20' x 20' up to 40' x 100'.,   Participating in this will be a team from Calvary Chapel of Old Bridge, NJ as they work with and support Calvary Chapel Port-au-Prince. Also, Calvary Chapel of Manitowoc, WI has finalized the equipment tuning for the radio station at Calvary Chapel,   Caneille. One member of our April team will be from Calvary Chapel,   Manitowoc and will be setting up the equipment and turning it on, while we also distribute the hand-crank/solar powered radios among the camp residents.

Also on the immediate project list is the construction coordination of some ready-to-assemble 16' x 20' pre-fab housing units. There are skilled teams from a few Calvarys standing by to travel to Caneille and install the foundations when a firm schedule develops. We also have received another open door of resources from a Christian businessman from LaCrosse, WI who has been shipping relief supplies to Haiti through Royal Caribbean Cruise Line at little or no cost.