United States

Israel, Martial Law, Concentration Camps & Prophecy USA?

By Paul McGuire

The situation is now so grave in America, that some military experts believe that there is a high potential that America could be under Martial Law through a "planned crisis." For those who might think those words are "extreme," they are shared by some of the highest ranking members of the armed forces. Many Christians in America who are both ill informed and do not read their Bible, lack the intellectual and spiritual discernment necessary to understand what is happening, not only in the U.S, but other nations in the world. Much of Evangelicalism in America has surrendered to what could only be called false prophecy and the apostasy of the Emergent Church. The American Church is very similar to the German churches in Nazi, Germany who were seduced by Hitler because they had already embraced the theology of the German School's of Higher Criticism.

In addition, it appears America has turned its back on Israel opening itself up to the curse of the Abrahamic Covenant "Those that bless Israel I will bless and those the curse Israel I will curse." I was speaking to one expert on Islam who told me that al Qaeda is "drugging America" in order to disarm them, but that suicides bombers killing themselves in dozens of U.S. shopping malls or worse could happen. Britain has already been warned of a spectacular October surprise by al Qaeda.

But, it goes much further than that! The doors have been opened at the highest levels across the U.S. and Britain to mobilize a massive campus army to "finish the job that Hitler started against the Jews."

The Campus organization Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) now has chapters on 25 major campuses throughout the United States, including Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Georgetown, and the Universities of Michigan , Maryland and it is growing. At San Francisco State University, SJP supporters surrounded a small group of Jewish students and shouted such epithets as, "Too bad Hitler didn't finish the job!" Notice this is not a "Hate Crime" or defined as terrorism by the Department of Homeland Security.

The same globalist individuals control the Republican and Democratic Party. As I reveal in my book "The Day The Dollar Died," they are going to engineer a planned crisis and usher in Martial Law and the creation of an American Police State. If you believe those words are extreme, than you have not done your homework. The Army website and the National Guard Website are now advertising for "Internment/Resettlement Specialists" which are American Concentration Camp workers. New camps are being built all over the U.S. and they are verifiable. This is not in the realm of "conspiracy theories," verifiable through open government documents and websites.

The situation is far graver than most realize. This is not a game, this is the real thing. A totalitarian state could take over America in a matter of months or years, by engineering a crisis, like the Swine Flu Crisis. Read the Council on Foreign Relations Report on the North American Plan for a Pandemic Influenza. I cover this in my book. The Report was written in 2007 and it details how a "crisis" like a "flu epidemic" could be used to unify Mexico, the United States and Canada. How the army could be used to control the citizen’s and shut down the media. Executive Orders written by Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama give the President of the United States full authority to do this.

I have personally interviewed some of the top military generals and intelligence experts in this nation. They have shared with me that the questions about American Concentration Camps are being asked all over the armed forces and at the highest levels. American soldiers and military leaders do not want to shoot on U.S. citizens and break the Constitution by enforcing Martial Law. But, history shows us how Hitler, Lenin, Castro and Mao solved that problem. Hitler had his "Hitler Youth" and other dictators had their brainwashed armies of youth. What is the real purpose of Americorps and why is the proposed budget of Americorps $4.5 trillion which exceeds the entire U.S. military budget. Why is a Communist organization ACORN being given $4.5 billion to knock on your door and conduct a "census?"

I have done extensive research on the role of billionaire George Soros, the violent Weather Underground and the Socialist / Communist Movement in the U.S. President Obama’s friends and associates like Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn continually calling for a "Communist American Revolution," where 25 million people could die who resist the revolution. Ayres and Dohrn have FBI records which show travel to Communist countries like Venezuela, Cuba, China and Russia.

First, under the Obama Administration we see the dismantling the C.I.A. and our intelligence services designed to protect us from militant Islamic terrorists. In addition, this Administration has turned its back on Israel and has sided with the Palestinians. Their goal is to turn Jerusalem under the control of the Palestinians and to stand idly by and watch Iran acquire nuclear weapons.

The Soros-backed promotion of Universal Health Care brings us back to the morality of Nazi, Germany. As far back as 1949 , Dr. Leo Alexander wrote an article analyzing the road to medical mass murder by the Nazis. Dr. Leo Alexander warned American physicians that America has embraced the "Hegelian, cold-blooded, utilitarian philosophy," and what we would rightly call Nazi ideology. The Death Panel’s which decided which patients would live according to cost and productivity, eventually paved the way for killing of 6 million Jews.

You may ask, "How could this possibly happen in America?" The answer is you create a domestic army that over powers the current military which largely believes in the Constitution. The Obama Youth are actively recruiting college students in states across the country to "build support for President Obama's agenda" "“ and earn college credit while advocating for "change." In the recruitment ad, President Obama says"'It was the best education I ever had."

The President said, "It was the best education he every had, when ordinary people come together, they can achieve extraordinary things." Obama was a community organizer for the Communist group Acorn which organized communities according to the principal’s of the Communist organizer Saul Alinsky whose strategies were adapted from the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci in 1921. Gramsci invented the theology of "social justice," which is very popular in the Emergent Church, as a Communist strategy to destroy Biblical Christianity.

Fox News Commentator, Glenn Beck, recently did an expose on the appointment of Van Jones to the position of Special Assistant to the President for "Green Jobs." Jones was a member of the Communist Party dedicated to organizing a revolutionary movement in the U.S. Van Jones was put into power by the George Soros organization, Center for American Progress and John Podesta. George Soros and others are the "Shadow Government" which run America and other nations in the world. They do not have a Judeo-Christian worldview.

They have a humanistic, globalist and Communist worldview. They themselves do not live under Communist principles. Socialism and Communism is and has always been a strategy to create a totalitarian state by seducing the masses. The goal is total control for the wealth and enrichment of the hidden elite. In addition, these elite hold a Malthusian view of population control which seeks to achieve a maximum population of Planet Earth of around 500,000 people. It is the opposite of God’s command to be "fruitful and multiply." They have a plan to achieve this massive population reduction through the spread of genetically engineered diseases, famine, war, genocide, abortion, the promotion of homosexuality and a euthanasia health care program. This is not a new idea, it was conceived by Malthus and picked up the proponents of World Socialism like Bertrand Russell and H.G. Wells.

Clearly all of these events are leading us to the Tribulation Period, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Revelation 13. Israel is God’s prophetic time clock and He is coming soon. But, what do we do until the real Messiah returns? If you have a Biblical world view and not just an Emergent Church theology, there are peaceful and law abiding things that make a difference in our nation. But, you must spread the words to your friends! The majority of Christians are asleep.

We will either have a Great Awakening and God’s people rising peacefully to stop totalitarianism or we will have Christians arrested on a mass level and Martial Law. Jesus is coming. But, Jesus Chris said, "We are to occupy until I come." Not in a militaristic sense, but in a spiritual sense. But, true spirituality is where we act responsibly politically and socially. In addition, we must evangelize and pray.

Paul McGuire is a prophecy teacher, author of 16 books, including "The Day The Dollar Died," and conference speaker. He can be reached at http://www.paulmcguire.com