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Revelation TV Studios to be Demolished

by Posted by Bob Mitchell

Friends, it gives me no joy at all to read that the building in New Malden Surrey, home to Revelation tv studios, is to be demolished.

This could have been such a beacon for truth in the UK had they not chosen to house false teachers and denigrate those of us who stood against them.

The news is Revelation has until June 2012 to vacate the rented property owned by Barratt Homes. Read the story here
I understand there will still be a studio in Surbiton. That would be the converted terraced house, perhaps.
God knows.

I understand also the studio in Spain will continue.

Pray for Revelation tv, but pray most of all for the viewers who have, over the years, given their hard earned cash and been told, "This is your tv station. Revelation tv is owned by you, the viewers."

I do know that ‚  when Jacob Prasch and I decided we could no longer stay associated with Revelation tv, many called in or e-mailed to complain. As far as I am aware not ONE of these dear people received a satisfactory response.

In fact, I understand every e-mail went unanswered unless it was one that supported Rev tv.

One can only pray God will raise a christian tv station that does not pander to false teachers, or suggest "if there is no other church in your area, go to a Roman Catholic one." ‚  as was suggested live on Revelation tv.

Pray God raises a station that does not attack, live on air, those men who stand for truth and who ‚  name the false teachers among us as Justin Peters did, and was actually taken off the air while broadcasting.