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Muslim Conquest of Britain Nears Completion

January 10, 2011
Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.

A study by of the Centre for Migration Policy Research at Swansea University shows that thousands of Britons are converting to Islam every year "“ with more women becoming Muslims than men.

The research suggests that the numbers converting to the religion has doubled by 2010 from the 60,669 converts in 2001.

The average age of the Muslim converts is 27.5, with 5,2o0 Brits becoming Muslims in the past 12 months.

A detailed study by Swansea University for inter-faith think-tank Faith Matters, suggests that despite an often negative portrayal of Islam in the media, more people are adopting the religion each year.

Kevin Brice, the director of the study, says that 56% of converts to Islam were white British, with 62% being female.

Presently, according to the London Times, the Islamic population of Great Britain exceeds 2.4 million.

The Daily Mail contends that more than 25% of the British Muslims visit a mosque at least once a week.

By contrast, Paul Richardson, Assistant Bishop of Newcastle, maintains that less than 1% of the 18 million Christians who belong to the Church of England attend Sunday services. "At this rate," the Bishop speculates, "it is hard to see the church surviving for more than 30 years though few of its leaders are prepared to face that possibility.

"If decline continues," the Bishop adds, "Christian Research has estimated that in ¯ ¬ ve years’ time church closures will accelerate from their present rate of 30 a year to 200 a year as dwindling congregations ¯ ¬ nd the cost of keeping them open too great."

While 30 Anglican parishes close every year, seventy new mosques sprout up throughout the United Kingdom.

A score of organizations have been set up to serve the needs of Christian Brits who now embrace Islam.

Edward Charles and Matthew McDonald of New Muslim Network Wales, which was established in 2001, say their work consists not only in supporting converts, but also trying to dispel myths about conversion, such as having to change one’s name or lose one’s cultural identity.

"We are able to help the new Muslim to settle into their new faith gently and help them sort out the cultural stuff from the actual faith," Mr. Charles says. "Most of us have kept our original names and we encourage new Muslims to do the same "“ but ultimately it’s a personal choice."