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Misery and the "Gay"

by James Jacob Prasch

" Powder and paint, to make us what we ain't..." the drag queen prostitutes chant. Homosexualism rejects reality, deceiving both self and the public. Those choosing the high-risk lifestyle endanger public health, affordable medicine and the security of the economy! Since San Francisco passed it's gay-rights laws: Colon infections increased 2,500%. Hepatitis A increased 100%, Hepatitis B 300% (casual contraction). Obituaries of men in homosexual journals tally a median age of death at 39 with AIDS, 42 without AIDS. The median age for lesbians is 45 or younger. 75 to 80% of straight married men live to be 65, while only 2% of homosexuals live to be past 65

A British study of 18,403 homosexuals found little improvement in life-span if they married each other. Dr. Gerald Myers, heading the HIV Database and Analysis Project at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, reports that due to AID mutations, "the worst of AIDS is still to come." He predicts that within a few years AIDS will become the #1 cause of death for those aged 25 to 44 in the USA. Any medical plan is headed for trouble. AIDS! Will Hawaii invite thousands of carriers into our care?

Homosexuals go to court to adopt children. An L.A. Times Survey, demonstrates that one-quarter to one-third of child molestations are homosexual in nature. And homosexuals, not the straight people, are responsible for molesting boys! When a man fondles a boy, anyone with common sense says, "That man is a homosexual!" Heterosexual men do not want to even touch the private parts of another male. A Canadian survey monitored the physical response of men, including those who molested boys, on a plethysmograph. Molesters of boys were about equally interested in naked men or naked boys. Heterosexuals were equally disinterested in males of any age. A Minnesota study reveals that 86% of those who molest boys describe themselves as homosexual or bisexual. Studies in Philadelphia, Massachusetts, Vermont, Ottawa, Australia and more, plus schools of psychiatry and psychology reveal a very high percentage of sexual abuse comes from those who practice homosexuality.

One of the largest psychiatric studies reveals bitter emotional devastation, a high involvement with torture-related sex, 8 times more arrests for sexual crimes, more cheating on partners and shorter lasting relationships as couples. The largest sample of homosexual and bisexual men in a Canadian survey showed 47% used some sort of illegal drug in the last month. Slightly over half said they had been tested for HIV. About a third of these reported that they were infected. There was no significant difference between known HIV positive and HIV negative persons due to their level of knowledge about how AIDS is transmitted.

Deliberate or careless infection of others is 5 times more likely among homosexual men. Homosexual "homes" often become prisons of torture. Even dear little children live in terror, experiencing sorrow and pain. Disease is often forced on the innocent. Little wonder, homosexuality leads to more suicide and premature death! The "gay" lifestyle is defended by a small minority; but it is without defense!

The top six male serial killers were homosexuals. 1) Donald Harvey claimed 37 victims. 2) John Wayne Gacy raped and killed 33 boys. 3) Patrick Kearney cut his 32 victims up into small pieces. 4) Bruce Davis molested and killed 27 young men and boys. 5) A homosexual sex-murder-torture ring of Corll, Henley and Brooks sent 27 men and boys to their grave. 6) Juan Corona murdered 25 migrant workers and molested the corpses. The worst female killer of 1992 was lesbian, Aileen Wuornos, killing seven. A study of 518 mass murders involving sex from 1966 to 1983 determined that 68% of the victims were killed by homosexuals. 44% of the murderers were bisexual or homosexual. So much cruelty came from a small minority!

Why will the leaders of this great land let her die? Those growing up in the security of the great generation of our grandparents, fail the children who trust them today! People still have it too good to care. The media has little interest in fact. Many teachers never investigate on their own. And as the graves of young people multiply, some governmental leaders are suspiciously warm toward perversion!

Are you "gay" and miserable? You don't have to face your problems alone. Reach out for help! Documented research is public knowledge available through Family Research Institute, Inc., P.O. Box 2091, Washington, DC 20013-2091. (703)690-8536.

* * 53% of men who have sex with men in the U.S. have AIDS (through June 1994) and in Hawaii 80% (through Sept. 1994). Stats (HIV/AIDS Surveillance Reports by CDC and Hawaii Dept. of Health).

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE? Public testimony is an over-whelming, "NO!" During the election campaigns remember these deaf ears today, the massive tax waste, endless controversy, and failure to lead! Those who fail to either listen or lead today must be remembered tomorrow!