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An Open Letter to President Bush

President of the United States
The Honorable George W. Bush
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Dear Mr. President

After long hesitation I am writing to you this letter. Having been your long time supporter it is hard for me to see the waning of your legacy in this last phase of your presidency.

You have been confronted with the greatest ideological and political challenge this country has faced for a very long time, possibly since it was established the challenge of Islamo-fascism, as you have rightfully named it.

The way you confront this challenge will determine your place in history. If you confront Islamo-fascism and win, you will be remembered as a hero as were Charles Martel and Jan Sobieski who saved Western civilization from impending conquest and annihilation, by the ancestors of the same Islamic zealots. You will then be remembered together with Winston Churchill and our Ronald Reagan who defeated Nazism and Communism, respectfully. As we all faced this challenge, I did expect you to rise to the historical occasion and defeat this formidable enemy.

You must have realized that Islamo-fascism, like Nazism and Communism before it, aims to rule the entire world and impose its supremacist ideology on it. Moreover, while Nazism and Communism were part of Western civilization, Islamo-fascism is an alien religion-driven ideology, which contradicts practically every value we cherish. For one, it has little respect for human life, which is in the center of our ethical values, and it glorifies the death of its Jihadist suicide terrorists. ‚   Moreover, Islamo-fascism denies personal freedom, freedom of belief and freedom of expression, on which our great nation has been founded. This is why these Islamic religious zealots consider our nation to be their greatest enemy, which they must conquer and destroy before they can rule the rest of humanity.

While a decisive military defeat of this formidable enemy may be hard to achieve these days, though not impossible, we must, in any case, deny it any significant victory or concession. Concessions might only embolden militant Muslims to pursue their aggressive conduct and recruite millions of additional Muslims for their global jihad.

What worries me in particular these days is the prospect of conceding to the Muslims the establishment of a new Arab capital in the City of Jerusalem, now on the agenda at the November 26 conference in Annapolis. Such an act, if implemented, will resonate throughout the Islamic world as a prime achievement in its global assault on the West. It will delegitimize Jerusalem as the exclusive historical capital of the Jewish nation. In the last 3000 years Jerusalem was never a capital of another nation. Since Islam denies both Jewish and Christian historical claims and religious ties to the Holy City, Muslim sovereignty in Jerusalem will undoubtedly be interpreted by our enemies as conceding the cradle of Christianity and the site of the Jewish Temples, the existence of which is being denied by the Islamo-fascists.

In 2002 you resented comparing the treatment of Israel by the US to that of Czechoslovakia by Neville Chamberlain, but this is exactly what we may be witnessing in November 2007. Conceding half of Jerusalem to the Arabs is more ominous by far than conceding the Sudetenland to the Germans in 1938 because the Sudetenland never had the symbolic meaning that Jerusalem has for Western civilization.

Also transferring the sovereignty of parts of Jerusalem to a moderate Islamic country, i.e., Jordan, is an unacceptable concession to Islam, since also Jordan follows Islamic religious law that forbids Jews from living in its territory, following the example of ‚   Saudi Arabia, which bans Jews and churches on the Arabian Peninsula. Moreover, it was Jordan that transferred in 1988 all its political rights to territory it occupied in 1948 to Arafat’s militant Islamic PA. This would evidently be the eventual fate of any other Israeli territory under Jordanian custody.

I am aware that political leaders both in Israel and in this country support concessions to the Arabs. They do this because they believe that this is your wish, or because it meets their selfish personal interests, and perhaps because they would like to see your legacy sullied the long run. As you may remember, the British elite supported Neville Chamberlin in 1938 to later despoil his memory in British memory.

Notwithstanding possible short term political gains of dividing the City of Jerusalem, the consequences of such a far- reaching concession are hard to imagine, since Jerusalem is symbolically the crown Jewel of Western civilization. Moreover, this concession might result in the ultimate demise of the Jewish state, as pointed out by numerous political and military analysts. ‚   Surrendering old Jerusalem to Muslim sovereignty will undoubtedly make the global war against Islamo-fascism much harder in the long run.

If the US continues to pursue this policy, your name might then go down in history as the American president who started and encouraged an avalanche of radical Islam against the West, instead of becoming the historic savior of our civilization. The fall of Rome to the Barbarians and the subsequent fall of Byzantium to the Muslims were not inevitable they started with short-sighted rulers.

Mr. President, please reconsider the potentially disastrous policy of our Department of State and instruct it to find ways to defeat Islamo-fascism rather than appease it.


Michael Anbar Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Fayetteville, NY