False Prophets

Apostle Claims Pastor Shot Down Was God's Judgment For No Apostolic Covering

End Times Prophetic

As many of you know, the Rev. Fred Winters was recently tragically shot down and killed while delivering a sermon at First Baptist Church in Maryville, Illinois. This incident is tragic enough news.

However, a NAR [New Apostolic Reformation] apostle speculated to other apostles that being shot down in the pulpit was judgment from God starting in the House of God, because the pastor had no apostolic "˜covering’!

This is worrying and scary thinking, that somebody’s mind could be so warped and distorted [and fearful] about "˜apostolic covering’ and dominionism, that they would honestly think, let alone suggest such a thing. And worse still, other ICA apostles party to this conversation, including Lakeland’s Stephen Strader, did not correct or rebuke this statement.

The "˜offending’ apostle in question was "˜Dr’ Lyrica Smith, Senior Apostle at The International Church for All Nations. She is also connected with Kingdom International/Kingdom Arts. Lyrica Smith lists herself on her website as being a member of The ICA International Coallition of Apostles and says her "Spiritual Apostolic Father" is Apostle Luis E. Chavez.

I note J Lee Grady is billed to be ministering alongside Lyrica Smith in Cinicinatti right now as we speak at a "˜Women of Power, Agree with his Degree’ Conference.

There is also a video here of "Apostle Dr. Lyrica Smith, Michael McCray and The Cincinnati Super Choir open for Senator Barack Obama’s speech at the National NAACP Conv. 2008."

There is a lot of bad pastoral/apostolic ’covering’ teaching in the church at large, the pimping and the abuse and the fearful superstition is not just prevalent within the NAR - but Lyrica’s is one of the worst statements I have heard.

One worries where this type of thinking will lead as it morphs to its logical conclusions among sincere, passionate, devoted but blinded NARzie followers in Joel’s Army "¦. after all, many of us have not forgotten the NARzie false prophecies about civil war breaking out in the church, and what will happen to the NARzie critics or those who refuse to unify with them"¦. and spiritual warfare is headed to literal action and literal war as that is where dominionism is going, and must go by its very nature.

God help his true church, and thwart these wolves plotting in their lairs!

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