Response To Stephen Sizer's Open Letter

by James Jacob Prasch

It has been brought to our attention that Stephen Sizer addressed an open letter to myself (Jacob Prasch) on his website. In the interests of anyone of honest intent who may have seen it I therefore ‚  publicly submit this open reply. ‚  

Stephen Sizer is in the estimation of some of us a serpent, that is a deceiver who not only says one thing with his words but quite another with his actions, but when his words are dissected they reveal an inherent dishonesty designed to camouflage his factually erroneous designs.

1. Regarding Stephen Sizer's mal-citation of Matthew 18 - In this passage Jesus instructs about going to a brother about personal sin, not about doctrine. ‚  Wrong doctrine that misleads the church ‚  is not a Matthew 18 situation. Jesus, the apostles and Hebrew prophets all confronted such matters openly. ‚   ‚  Neither is hypocritical public praxis a Matthew 18 situation, it is rather a Galatians 2:11 situation.

2. As I am in possession of a recording of the first TV appearance by Mr. Sizer with Brother Vince in which he agreed on TV to debate me, it is obvious that Mr. Sizer ‚  cannot possibly be telling the truth claiming in his open letter that he decided to back down due to what ‚  has been on my website regarding him because on the broadcast ‚  when he agreed to debate he made it clear that he was already aware of what was stated on ‚  our website. In his letter therefore, ‚  Stephen Sizer ‚  is demonstrably lying.

I have no idea why he sought legal advice concerning me as based on the divine prohibition in 1 Corinthians 6 ‚  - I have no intention of suing him as such litigation is outlawed by God's Law.

He agreed to debate already aware of what was on my website as he stated ‚  on ‚  the air ‚  only to ‚  renege. Jesus commanded us to ; 'let our yays be yays and nay be nays' (Matthew ‚  5:37).

If Stephen Sizer wanted to meet me he should have kept his word as stated on ‚  TV and met me where he agreed on TV to meet me - in front of a TV camera. Instead Mr. Sizer elected to break his word and snipe at ‚  me ‚  from cyberland with the malicious lie that "I love Israel more than I do Jesus Christ", which my books and our recorded material addressing the problems of a certain axis of Christian Zionism categorically prove be another of Mr. Sizer's ‚  slanderous lie.

I have nothing to say to a man who breaks his word as a Christian, and less to say to one who is now publicly caught in a proven lie. ‚  He ‚  stated on TV ‚  he was already aware of what was written concerning him on our website prior to agreeing to the debate he has retreated from. In his 'open letter', as anyone can therefore see for themselves, Mr. Sizer ‚  is plainly lying.

3. If Stephen Sizer did not agree with the apologist for the IRA with whom he shared a platform against Israel who defended terror why did he not challenge him instead of smiling and shaking hands with such a man? ‚  My mother is Catholic Irish and despite my theological disagreements with both Roman Catholicism and Orange Lodge Protestantism , I have no
pro unionist or pro Republican position. But I do have an anti terror position and I am appalled that a so called Christian clergyman would share a platform with a man making such statements and do nothing but smile.

It was the same Stephen Sizer smile with which he cajoled ‚  his radical Islamic Iranian friends ‚  as they brutally martyr Iranian Christians for their faith in Jesus, arm Shia militias to kill British soldiers, and promulgate terror and hatred. This action by Mr. Sizer is beyond hypocrisy.

Stephen Sizer cites Jesus in Luke 7 being criticised for consorting with tax gatherers. This is clearly outlandish. Stephen Sizer did not go to Iran to evangelise, he went to Iran to denounce Israel and ‚  remain silent about the Christians his radical Islamic hosts were murdering as he smiled. When Mr. Sizer visited Iran, the Iranian Penal code had just been enacted, ‚  it is for sure that Mashad Soodmand was not smiling when a rope was going to ‚   be put around his neck for ‚  his belief in ‚  Christ ‚  by Stephen Sizer's hosts , just as the Iranian Islamic authorities already hung his father Rashid ‚  Soodmand for ‚  preaching Jesus. ‚  No, Christians in Iran who really do evangelise do the ‚  dying. It is Stephen Sizer hosted ‚  by their killers ‚  who happily ‚  does the smiling. The photos of him doing so are posted on ‚  another website. Moriel ‚  plans to ‚  post them shortly.

4. Concerning his defense of his Anglicanism, the institutional founder of his church was Henry VIII, but the doctrinal founders were mainly Christian martyrs whose testimonies are recorded for posterity in such classics Fox's Book of Martyrs, The Martyrs Mirror, and The Pilgrim church. ‚  Even the Church of Rome in the aftermath of the Reformation, nor would it today (at least not officially), ordain homosexual clergy, consecrate homosexual bishops, or hold same sex marriage ceremonies. It takes Stephen Sizer's Church of England to ‚  sink to that level. Neither would a Roman Catholic theologian deny the Virgin Birth of Jesus or the historicity of His Resurrection. But there is no shortage of his Anglican "scholars" in print doing just that.

Contemporary English Anglicanism is both more apostate and more morally depraved than the Church of Rome ever was. No one can seriously even attempt to deny this as a solid ‚  truth.

The indisputable fact of the matter is that Tyndale, Ridley, Latimer, Hooper, and Cranmer would be out the door of the Church of England in the 21st century even faster than they were out the door of The Church of Rome in The 16th century. But Stephen Sizer ‚  of course stays in.

5. Do not tell me you love The Jewish people when you propagate false assertions regarding their nation (a nation which protects ‚  the religious ‚  liberty of its ‚  Arab Christian population) and align yourself with murdering Islamic fanatics who persecute and murder their Christian population and call for Israel's extermination as the blood of Iranian Christian martyrs flows.

Stephen Sizer's willingness to partner against Israel with an apologist for IRA terror and with an Iranian regime built on Islamic terror that ‚  tortures Christians and butchers ‚  alive our brethren in Christ speaks more loudly than ‚  Mr. Sizer's ‚  poorly crafted lies annunciated with a soft tone. ‚  His lies are eclipsed only by ‚  his hypocrisy and the diabolical measure of his truly sickening actions.

Mr. Sizers conference with conspiracy theorist Alan Morrison who blames the CIA and Mossad for ‚  September 11th is frankly too ludicrous to warrant serious comment. ‚  Mr. Morrison was ejected as pastor from his church in England for his ‚  daft escapades ‚  and even rejected by his ultra Reformed colleagues for antics some of them apparently regarded as bordering on the deranged. No ‚  preacher in their right mind I know of will even associate with a man ‚  driven by ‚  such delusional ideas. ‚  Stephen Sizer however was happy to be associated with such lunacy.

As long as they opposes Israel, Mr. Sizer's actions (irrespective of ‚  his devious ‚  assertions to the contrary), ‚  say ‚  such people ‚  are ‚  his bosom friends - ‚  be they promoters or defenders of terror, or ‚  even ‚  a hideous ‚  kook animated by a conspiratorial spirit of absurdity who treats ‚  the most ‚  wild and fanciful conjectures as not only fact, but imagines them to be some kind of ‚  religious truth.

We had an agreement ‚  to meet for a televised debate. The simple uncontested fact remains - ‚  Stephen Sizer backed down. ‚  Lies, ‚  religious hypocrisy, or Anglican vestments won't change it.