Alpha Course

Know Anyone Chronically Pro-Alpha?

"¦at last there's an effective cure

Alpha devotees are often so spiritually ill that they will angrily reject ANY criticism of the Course.,  This means normal attempts to help such people invariably prove fruitless (as well as detrimental to your relationship with them and thus harmful to your scope for nursing them through other spiritual sicknesses in the future).

Moriel has recently discovered a powerful antidote to this problem. ‚  It is a wonderfully canny new book which subtly and surgically opens the minds of serious Alpha fans to the truths you need to administer.

Called Proven Alpha Course Tips, this small volume gently but inexorably removes the gloss from the program without the reader realizing what’s going on. Supporters of the Course will actually be eager to read this book when you show it to them. ‚  Yet, by the final chapter, even Alpha’s most hardened admirers "” unless completely beyond hope "” will be prepared to receive godly criticism of the Course. ‚  (The recommended follow-up treatment, stocked by Moriel, is the "˜World’ volume of Alpha - the Unofficial Guide by McDonald and Peterson.)

Easy to swallow, and priced at less than ten U.S. dollars, you can order Proven Alpha Course Tips simply by visiting its associated website ( and clicking on the picture. ‚  It’s a painless remedy we thoroughly endorse and urgently encourage you to prescribe.

What have reviewers said?

"Very well researched and extremely informative"

"Very cleverly written.... Really good"

"Very well written and laid out"

"It’s a "˜must read’"

Notes: ‚  1) The rest of the website is currently under development, but its book-ordering facility is fully operational. ‚  Its creator hopes more of the site will be available soon. ‚  2) The book never makes any false statements, but please don’t even be alarmed by the deliberately misleading blurb associated with the book, for this is aimed squarely at persuading Alpha’s heavy-duty followers to start reading the volume. ‚  3) There are many biblical precedents for using a crafty approach when serving God’s Kingdom (Exodus 2:2-9, Judges 7:16-21, Genesis 42:7-9 and 2 Corinthians 11:32-33 only represent a fraction of them). ‚  The methods and purposes of the book Proven Alpha Course Tips are completely in line with these Scriptural precedents, so we at Moriel strongly approve of it.