Aberrational Theology

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

by Richard Gibson

A concerned Christian contacted me because a leading figure in the congregation was promoting The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a well known conspiracy theory. This document is still being used by many people around the world to justify hatred of the Jewish people.

The forgery

The document is a forgery, made by Russian secret police agent Pytor Ivanovich Rachovsky, claiming that a secret Jewish network was plotting to take over the world. It was first printed in 1897 and made public in 1905.

Rachovsky had copied it from a nineteenth century novel by German author Hermann Goedsche (Biarritz, 1868), who was an anti-Semite and wrote under the pseudonym " ˜Sir John Retcliffe’. Goedsche had in turn stolen the main story from Maurice Joly, whose Dialogues in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu (1864) were aimed at Napoleon III.

The Protocols was used widely to justify the Pogroms [anti-Jewish riots in Tzarist Russia.] The Nazis used it to push forward the Holocaust. Today it is employed by Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists to justify race hate. It is one of the most popular books in Arabic in the Muslim world and was recently turned into a mini series on Egyptian television. The Malaysian president publicly repeated the Protocols paranoia to the applause of world Muslim leaders. No wonder the "Arab street" cannot even contemplate a peaceful settlement with Israel.

Arab newspapers regularly quote The Protocols, especially the second protocol: "Through the newspapers we will have the means to propel and to influence." And from the twelfth protocol: "Our governments will hold the reins of most of the newspapers, and through this plan we will possess the primary power to turn to public opinion."

The media moguls

Watch the BBC or CNN or read TheTimes or The Independent and these charges sound, and are, ridiculous. What a useless job this so-called secret international Jewish network would be doing. They would be on a suicide mission. If these Protocols describe anyone, it is the anything but secret, international, Islamic network that boldly and proudly declares its aim of world domination.

Newspapers and News Channels are business concerns and oil is the life blood of business! It is quite clear who really controls the world's media and it is not the Jews. With the virtually total bad press Israel gets nowadays that fact is clearer than ever before.

There are 24 protocols laid out as the blueprint for world domination. They could easily apply to the European Union, but hardly to a perpetual refugee nation that has wandered among the nations, trusted by no-one, for two thousand years until 1948. It is only believed by those who need it to be true for their own secret agenda for world domination!

Malicious literature

A brief look at some of the Protocols will quickly reveal the kind of malicious literature we are dealing with.

Protocol 13 staggeringly blames this fabled all-powerful Jewish network for using sports (like football) and all light entertainment and pastimes as a form of mind control for the masses! In Protocol 14 even pornography is blamed on this mythical secret Jewish cartel.

The unbounded imagination of Protocol 19 blames the Elders of Zion with manipulating history, whereas in reality it is the Arab and Neo-Nazi revisionists that have re-written history saying that the Holocaust never happened. It is the enemies of the Jewish people that are so busy altering history. History is the true friend of the Jewish people; they have no need to alter it.

Protocol 21 perpetuates the myth of virtual magical control over world finances. If the Jews had the Midas touch, why can't they make Israel a financial giant? Why do over a million Israeli Jews live below the poverty line? That is one fifth of the population of Israel.

Henry Ford and the Klu Klux Klan

Henry Ford, the automobile tycoon and founder of the Ford Motor Company, borrowed heavily from The Protocols to write his scandalous and equally erroneous editorials in the Dearborn Independent that later became the book The International Jew.

[Ku Klux] Klan editors had assembled ninety-six of Henry Ford's anti-Semitic essays from The Dearborn Independent and bound them in a volume they entitled The International Jew. The book subsequently was reprinted in Germany by the Nazi World Service. On January 12, 1942, an embarrassed Henry Ford wrote Colescott saying that he did 'not subscribe or support, directly or indirectly, any agitation which would promote antagonism against my Jewish fellow citizens.' Ford threatened the Klan with legal action unless it ceased publication and circulation of his misbegotten essays." [The Fiery Cross p. 273] US Congress, House Congressional Record, 77 Cong., 2 Sess. (1942): A1084.

Faced with a libel suit filed in a Detroit court in 1927, Ford had publicly apologized and formally retracted his attacks on the "International Jew".

The appeal of the Protocols

When reading The Protocols for the first time, a friend was staggered that a book that had caused untold suffering to the Jewish people was so poorly written. Unfortunately when enough mud is thrown it tends to stick, and much of the mud of The Protocols has stuck and causes the Jewish people to have a stigma that doesn't seem to go away. Why? People love gossip. It is unfair, unproved and it suits the ugly sinful nature of humanity. Jesus Christ died on the cross to redeem us and deliver us from such iniquitous lie-mongering. The Christian faith and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are incompatible. Any Christian that promotes them is not only breaking the 10 Commandments, but also makes a mockery of Jesus Christ and all that He stands for.

The Ten Commandments clearly state in Deuteronomy 5:20 "Neither shalt thou bear false witness against thy neighbour." 

It was the Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels who said 'if you repeat the lie long enough and loud enough eventually people will believe it’.