David Lister

Witnessing To Mormons

by David E Lister

One of the best tools for witnessing to Mormons is the Book of Mormon. While it is the foundational book of scripture on which the Church of Latter Day Saints stands it is a book that the discerning Christian can use to tear down strongholds in the lives of people who are trapped in this cult.

In the introduction to the book of Mormon it claims for itself to be "the most correct of any book on earth." It is this fact that we want to look at this month. Those who worship God must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. (John 4:24)

The basis of our salvation is to be in a relationship with God through the new birth. (John 3:7) It is through this new birth that God gives us the Spirit of Truth to inhabit us (John 14:17, 23). Then the Spirit of Truth leads us and guides us into all Truth (John 16:13).

Now are Mormons being lead into truth? Being lead by a spirit into a growing relationship with God? Is the Book of Mormon teaching them truth? The answer is a simple no! We are warned to be on the lookout for false teachers and false christs least we become deceived. Matt. (24: 4, 11)

One good example of where the book of Mormon lies about the real Jesus is in the book of Alma chapter 7, verse 10, saying Jesus "shall be born of Mary, at Jerusalem."(my emphasis). This is one of the simplest ways you can show a Mormon where the book is a lie. As we have been guided into all truth guide the Mormon into Truth.

  1. Ask the Mormon where Jesus was born. If he does not know, which many do not, take him to Micah 5:2 while explaining to him that God is a God of Truth and He knows the future and shows his people where to look for the birth place of their coming ruler. 700 years before Christ was born this prophet of God foretold his birthplace in the small little town of Bethlehem.

  2. Explain to the Mormon that not only did God foretell of the birthplace of Jesus but also God made sure that the birthplace would be verified and witnessed to as the place where Jesus was born. Show the Mormon Matthew 2:1; Luke 2:4-6. Here are two separate accurate accounts of the birthplace of Jesus.

  3. Take the Mormon to his own Book of Mormon and show him that this most correct book of all time records the birth of Jesus as occurring at Jerusalem (Alma 7:10). Usually the only answer they have is that Bethlehem is near Jerusalem. You might explain that while that is true, if one was walking 2000 years ago to find the true Messiah in Jerusalem he would have never found Him there. Also, if one was really using this book as a guide to find his Messiah maybe he would be mislead today as well as 2000 years ago (if this book had been available) when this would have been wrong information. Bethlehem is several miles away from Jerusalem and even today, with modern transportation and where distances are much less a factor, when someone is born in a hospital in Bethlehem they record on the birth certificate that the birth occurred in Bethlehem. So, who is this spirit that is leading the Mormon into error is the next question. If the Book of Mormon is so correct and leads men into truth how could it make such a error on such a simple point as to the birthplace of Jesus?

I hope you can use this simple point to witness to Mormons when there is a knock at the door, or you are talking to one who is a neighbor or a workplace associate. Also one must make sure that prayer is central to your efforts to lead them into Truth as we can's save anyone only Jesus can call the dead to life and if someone has not be born again their spirit is dead and all that awaits them is the grave and an endless existence knowing God only as a consuming fire and not a merciful, loving and forgiving God.

This coming month (June 15-25) Moriel USA will again be visiting Manti Utah in an outreach to the Mormons and we covet your prayers as we take the Truth to these lost people.