Dave Royle

Moriel Missions Southern Africa - March 2004

Dear Friends in Christ Jesus,

Thank you once again for your support over the last few months. God continues to do great things amongst us; the greatest of these is His provision of salvation. Both at home here in Africa and on tour we have seen the angels celebrate as lives have been surrendered to Him. Thank you also for the Christmas cards we received, as I often say, to here from brethren all over the world is an encouragement to us.

I also desire to encourage our supporters too, we are entering interesting times and as I travel I can see that the Lord is closer than ever to His return and that the truth of the gospel is being challenged more and more and Christians are being marginalised in society. While in the United States watching hundreds of channels on Cable TV, I was horrified to see the homosexual community now given the opportunity to marry in San Francisco and it also looks as though Texas will follow suit. How Christians who protested were kicked and beaten and finally dragged away for standing not only for God's law but also civil law and yet the Mayors who sanction Homosexual marriages against the law were allowed to continue freely. My prayer is "Lord come quickly", Sodom and Gomorra have nothing on our day and age.

What though does this say to us evangelical Christians who have to live in these times? I think the Epistle of Jude makes it clear, " And have mercy on some who are doubting; save others, snatching them out of the fire; and on some have mercy with fear, hating even the garment polluted by the flesh". Great challenges bring great opportunities. Sometimes its easy to read the signs of the times and let the troubles of this life get you down and the tendency is for people to look at the problems and be so overwhelmed that they take on a bunker mentality. After all, some say, if the odds are against us and the Christian is marginalised what can we effectively do? Well I am a realist; and the reality of the gospel is something that still shines its light into the world. Paul said in 1 Thessalonians Ch 1:5, "For our Gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction;"

I believe that the word who became flesh and dwelt amongst us is true. Jesus said, " I am the way the TRUTH and the life."JN 14:6. This word came in Power, Dunamis in the Greek, meaning the executive power to accomplish anything. The gospel came in the Holy Spirit, showing us that we must respond to wherever the wind of the gospel blows us. And when one believes the living word and has fait in His power and is led by His spirit, THEN we can minister in full conviction.

My friends, although the times are thoroughly evil and there seems no end to it, God Holy Spirit is still raining on Africa. May I encourage you not to give up, but to partner with us as we take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the highways and bi-ways of this continent.

Your Partner in the Gospel
Dave Royle
Director of Moriel Missions Southern Africa

Ebyown Children's Village

Lord protect us from bureaucrats! That's often what we want to scream as one pile of paperwork takes over from another - there seems no end to it. However we have seen some significant steps forward over the last couple of month.

  • The main building has now been passed by the health department.
  • The main building has been passed by child welfare

What this means practically is that when the first unit is erected we can immediately apply for children. Now comes the difficult part. The Ebyown site itself will not receive official consent as a residential area from its current agricultural consent until September. However the law states that we can have on site two residential dwellings and so we want to go ahead and erect an eight bedroom dwelling that will accommodate an initial twelve children. We have just had the plans drawn up by and architect and have submitted them to Heidleburg municipality for approval. This should be approved by the end of April if there are no problems. Now the hard part (But with God all things are possible) we need to raise R150,000 to build what would be basically two units placed together. At the moment we have R70,000 towards the costs. This means that if we are to complete the first double unit for 12 children and four parents by April, we will need #7272 UK Pounds or $13,333US or $16,000AU. Please pray with us and seek the Lord over this matter.

The church plant at Ebyown is going well and Bernard and Mabel who lead this work are finding great encouragement. They have been reaching out to the local squatter camp called Skindal setting up children's clubs and also ministering to those dying of HIV/Aids. Also up and going is an after school club at Bongani high , a fair sized school with 750 pupils of whom most attend our Friday assembly. They also run a ladies meeting on a Friday, a Homecell on a Thursday, take a service for farmers and have a Saturday Youth club. Besides this there is the usual chores involved with the upkeep of a large property. Please also pray for Bernard's health. He has been under the weather and feeling weak and tired for several months as well a having serious stomach ulcers. He has now found out he is very anemic and is currently taking medication.

One other lovely thing about our Ebyown team is that they want to lead by example in the field of foster care. They have taken in some children for themselves and are currently going through the paperwork for permanent care. So please pray for Kate, Bernard and Mabel as well as the children, Sibongili, Brandon and Bengani.

Kwazulu Mission

As you may of heard congratulations to Caleb and Sophie and the birth of their new son Malachi on Christmas day. May the Lord bless them as they serve Him in Zululand.

Over the Christmas period both Caleb and Sophie have been preoccupied and have taken maternity and paternity leave, being graciously hosted by Richard and Suzanne, members of Aletheia Community Church. We would like to thank them personally for their love and hospitality toward Caleb, Sophie and Malachi.

However things still moved on at the mission site. The new Rondavel, the Massey's new home has taken a step nearer completion with our Aussie friends from the Italian Evangelical Church visiting and helping concrete and tile. There is a slight problem with the roof and also the fitting of a second floor. Unfortunately we have gone over budget and are trying to get together around #750 pounds sterling to finish the work.

Salvadore during the Massey's absence has been busy with evangelism and leading the fledgling fellowship. He has also had a wonderful family from Australia working with him. Clive, Donna and Peta Leembrugger have been a fantastic asset and this reflects in the following report by Salvi.

Even though God doesn't do anything new in the sense of extra biblical revelation, he does do so in the sense of our relationship with Him and our own work for Him. This year has started with a new phase for evangelism. We have started a program in one of the schools and will start it in other schools shortly. A children's club is underway. Hospital visitation is under way and identifying one guy's (Phumulani) gifting in the church has happened who has been witnessing and even witnessing to local Zionist pastors off his own back! Instrumental in this has been the visit of the Australian family, Clive and Donna Leembruggen with one of their two daughters, Peta.

They brought a whole heap of children's material that they have left with us, which is continuing to be used every week. The time that they were here was really blessed. They were fervent in early morning devotionals, which really spoke to us, and sacrificed health in order to do two nights a week bible studies. I found this encouraging. There were three main objectives that I set out. These were not results based but were concerned about our activity. These objectives were:

  1. To encourage local believers
  2. To establish relationships with local schools
  3. To reach the local community with the gospel

The first week was difficult as they found that they were out of their depth but after a devotional on Sunday they picked right up, rolled up their sleeves and faced their difficulties head on. I found this to be admirable. The teachers at the schools were encouraged to see them travel a long way to teach the children, as were the local church who in no uncertain terms testified to this in the meetings. I believe that if the church had
their own way the Leembruggens would not have returned to Australia. They were flexible as short-term missionaries and slow to prejudge the way things should be done. They came with a teachable spirit and yet sought to contribute from their own experience. (One such example is where Donna was able to encourage Jostina and Celani who are married to unbelievers, as Donna became a believer before Clive did). A good community atmosphere was generated and a platform established to start the evangelistic program I prepared within the schools we visited. Since then my time table is starting to be much more structured and will be so as the schools are cemented into a regular slot of weekly visits.

Church continues to meet on Sundays and on Thursdays for bible studies and regular visitation should be established by the end of March, as time is set aside. I thank God for the experiences in this month and for the lessons that God is continuing to teach me as I try to live for him here in KwaZulu Natal.

Gauteng Mission

Having so many overseas visitors the atmosphere at Aletheia Community Church took on a cosmopolitan look. Dave as usual (Apart from February) took on most of the preaching and the invitation was given for all our overseas visitors to share about themselves, their churches and the way the Lord has been speaking to them personally. Dave and Bernard also continue to swap pulpits and joint services over Christmas was a real blessing.

Aletheia continues to be a multi racial fellowship working in a very poor area. Therefore it's not everyone's cup of tea so to speak, since we live in the age of the seeker friendly church. The trouble with seeker friendly is that to make the guy in the pew anonymous you need large numbers. Therefore Aletheia can be uncomfortable as there is no place to hide, it's all hands on deck and everyone mucks in. Please continue to pray that the truth from Gods work continues to be preached in this needy area.

Limpopo Mission

This month David and Bernard take a mission to our beloved "Living Christ Bible Fellowship". We also desire to renew our relationship with the King and his family so please pray for their trip. Limpopo is really on our hearts and we are seeking Gods timing. We feel we already have one person to lead a team there but need one more to partner with him. We know its all about His timing but our prayer is that the timing will be soon and that sooner than later we can seriously develop the work in this needy area.

Christian Ministerial Association

From March 18 th -20 th David and Bernard visited Limpopo province to speak at a conference of Pastors. The reason behind this return visit is to share about Moriel ministries and also to bring to the attention of local Pastors the Christian Ministerial Association whom both Bernard and David not only hold credentials with but who also head up the CMA in Africa. The last time was well attended but some pastors could not come because of previous commitments.

The purpose of CMA is simple.

  • To provide fellowship with other like minded evangelical Christians.
  • To offer credentials for ministers
  • To offer advice and council
  • To provide training and seminars for its members

We pray that many of these brothers will join us in our mission work within Southern Africa. It is hoped that a similar conference can be planned when Dr Calvin Smith will be visiting the country in September. For inquiries and information telephone

  • Bernard Mathe 011 730 1719
  • David Royle 011 362 1026

Moriel Missions College

For all our courses and prospectus please sign on to www.morielmissions.org.za For a list of courses offered in the UK, sign on to www.midlandsbiblecollege.com

Dave's USA visit 'The Odd Trio"

Leaving South Africa for the States was a mixture of blessing and heartache. Blessing because I would have the opportunity to meet up with the USA's administrator David Lister, Moriel's Web Mistress Carol Champion and also minister in a country that has pioneered so much mission work in the past. Heartache because our eldest son Anthony was leaving home to try and carve out a life for himself near Boston. No one ever tells you that you feel this way when the chicks fly the nest.

However the trip was smooth and uneventful (well, apart from the USA security team almost arresting Anthony over a query on his ticket) and we arrived in Boston tired yet excited. Two things made an immediate impression. First of all was the heightened security. The USA is a country at war and who can blame them after the atrocity of September 11 th . Still I am not complaining, although the security checks are long and tiresome it means that you and I are safer while traveling 550mph at 39,000 feet!

Secondly, the COLD! Carl Koeppl met us at Logan airport with the biggest smile on his face. It seems that people from Bedford New Hampshire are still sunbathing in shirt sleeves at minus 10c. It was the first time I had seen snow for over four years. I can tell you that after nearly slipping and breaking my neck and the cold wetness of my shoes the novelty soon wore off.

Anthony's hosts and my good friends Carl and Beth were great and I want to thank them for their love and hospitality during my short stay with them. They also managed to organise a time for me to share about the work in South Africa and gave me an introduction to a local evangelical church, which I was thankful of.

After saying goodbye to my son again I headed for Pittsburgh, the home of Pittsburgh Steelers, but more importantly the home of David Lister our Moriel USA administrator.

David is a larger than life character and a wonderful host. His home is the hub of the USA operation and his office quite busy. David introduced me to Carol Champion our Moriel web mistress and her husband Al. They proved to be very gracious hosts and the highlight of my visit was Christmas dinner. Now wait a minute you may be saying, you visited in February? Well, Carol and I have been emailing each other for quite a while and one of the things I shared with her was the fact that here in African Christmas just did not feel the same as back in England. I missed the cold weather, the Turkey, roast potatoes and of coarse Plum Duff with Brandy sauce. So when I arrived at their home Guess what? They had kept up the decorations, the nativity scene was out and presents under the tree PLUS Turkey dinner with plum pudding. (By the way the less said about the amount of Brandy used to marinate the pudding the better)

Anyway another highlight was sharing a house with David and Jacob. What an experience. It was actually quite humbling to see how hard these guys work and also the care they put into the ministry. It was also here I understood what a slob I have become. Remember a program in the 60's called 'The Odd Couple'? Well we were the odd trio, Dave Lister was Felix; remember he was the fussy one who liked things neat and tidy. I remember him showing me how to fill the washing machine and so I pushed in to many clothes much to his dismay. Then he caught sight of a pair of my socks still rolled up. He said, "don't you unroll your socks? Don't you know how annoying that is? Doesn't your wife complain?" By the way I recited this story to my wife and she did complain for the first time in 22 years. (What a saint) Anyway Dave played host to both Jacob and me for a week, I think he deserves a congressional medal of honour!

But the USA was not just about admin and meeting people within Moriel. I had the opportunity to share the word several times and also preach the gospel. I am very impressed with Moriel's new direction towards missions and to see how this new direction is being supported around the world. To date Moriel not only supports Africa missions but also Missions to Israel, India, Utah Mormons and many others. At a recent trust meeting Jacob, David and I have pledged our commitment to see Moriel Missions grow and develop wherever the Lord may lead us and obviously in this we need your partnership.

The trip has taken me too many places and to meet many special people whom love and serve the Lord with all their heart. I visited home fellowships and Calvary Chapels, the most memorable being Kevin and Krista's Fellowship at Calvary Chapel Pittsburgh. (By the way they have the most excellent worship leading ministry) Also Dave Lister's house fellowship hosted by Manney and his wife who by the way makes the best meatloaf I have ever tasted.

On the church front, apart from a few good Calvary's and independent churches, the USA has gone the way of most western churches. Most have gone seeker sensitive or purpose driven. More have gone the way of the prosperity message and now with the introduction of Mel Gibson's new film 'The Passion' most are climbing into the saddle with Rome. Now there is an odd trio, The Vatican, TBN and the seeker friendly. What is the church coming to? Well they say 'whatever America does today the rest of the world do tomorrow'. So look on this as a warning, maybe the USA is Gods barometer for the world's spiritual health? Certainly we in Africa are already becoming seeker friendly, TBN has already invaded and now for the first time the local Pastors fraternal has invited Catholic Clergy. It doesn't take geniuses like the 'Odd Trio' to tell you that for everyone 'Times are a changing'.

Dave's Australia Itinerary

Dave has been invited to return to Australia this April and he is looking forward to meeting old friends and making new friends. He will be away from the office from the 15 th April till 5 th May. If you want to hear what he has to say then you will find him at the following places and times. For more information you can email Marg the Australia office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Saturday 17th April 1pm-9pm
Italian Evangelical Church
443 Great North Road
Contact Pastor Same Mule 02 9884 8841

Sunday 18th April 10.30 & 6.30
Sutherland Christian Fellowship
Minerva Street Primary School
Contact Pastor Allan Hodge 02 9544 1557

Hobart Tasmania

Tuesday 20th April
Lenah Valley 7.30-9.30pm
Haig street hall
Lenah Valley
Contact Pastor Chris Pollard 03 6266 4110

Wednesday 21st April
Lenah Valley 7.30-9.30pm
Haig street hall
Lenah Valley
Contact details as above


Saturday - Sunday 24-25th April
Contact Pastor Kevin Bickle for times and venues
088 336 2684


Tuesday 27th April
Wednesday 28th April

New Destiny Church 7.30-9.30pm
200 Beech Road
Contact Pastor Lionel Letcher 03 9775 6410


Wednesday 28th April, Friday 29th April
Filming all day
Contact Marg Godwin

Friday 30th April
BBQ & Fellowship Day
Contact Marg Godwin


Saturday 1st May 1-6.30pm
Independent Italian Pentecostal Church
Contact Ps John Maisano 03 9372 0670

Sunday 2nd May 10am-5.30
Independent Italian Pentecostal Church
Contact details as above

Dave's UK Itinerary

Going home to the UK is always something David looks forward to. It's an opportunity to share the progress of the work and also meet family and friends. This trip will be busier than ever so if you want to catch up with David you can find him at the following venues or call Brenda and Baden Royle on 0161 737 2996. He will be away from the office from the 14th of May till the 2nd of June.

Saturday 15th 7.00pm
Church of the Redeemer, Llangyfealach road
Contact Pastor J Reese 01792 774945

Sunday 16th 10.30 am
Brereton & Rayenshill Hall, Main Road
Brereton, Rugeley Staffs
Contact Julie Edensor 01889 882031

Monday 17th 7.00pm
Midlands Bible College and Divinity School
St Johns Square
Contact Dr Calvin Smith

Tuesday 18th 7.00pm
Bible College of Wales

Wednesday 19th 7.30pm
Bethany Christian fellowship, Delves Gospel hall
Talke RD, delves Walsall
Contact Jeff Jones 01922 642736

Thursday 20th 8.00pm
Ainsdale Evangelical Church,
Merefield school
Westminster Drive, Ainsdale
Contact Steve or Linda Fazakerley 01704 876427

Friday 21st 7.30pm
Moordown community centre, coronation road
Moordown Bournemouth
Contact Mike or Sandra Mcdonagh 01202 768475

Saturday 22nd 6.30pm
Stroud green Christian Assembly
Everleight street, London N4
Contact Mike Fletcher 0208 2790607

Sunday 23rd 10.30am
Normandy Christian fellowship, British Legion Hall
Guildford Surrey
Contact John or Tricia Baker 01483 831007

Thursday 27th 7pm
Emmanuel Church Marine Road east promenade
Contact Mike and Olwen Wood 01524 412823

Friday 28th 7.30pm

Jerusalem Christian Fellowship, Little Lane
South Elmsall Pontefract
Contact Paul Etherington 01977 643865
Saturday 29th 2.00-8.30pm

Hindley Christian fellowship
Westhoughton Nr Wigan
Contact Brian Tunstall 01744 22985

Sunday 30th 10.30 am
Starbeck Mission Forest Avenue
Starbeck, Harrogate
Contact Philip Glenwright 01423 508682

Sunday 30th 6.00pm
Cornerstone Calvary Chapel
1 Old Wellington road
(Of Chadwick street behind ST. Andrews church)
Eccles Manchester
Contact Pastor Stan Smith 0161 7361761

Royle Family Report

Both Lyn and myself are settling into the fact that our eldest is overseas in the States. This has been quite an adjustment for us all, Anthony was Aletheia's worship leader and also very much a part of the ministry. Aaron misses him because of his support at Springs Soccer club, but Christopher is pleased because he moved into Anthony's flat the very next day.

Over the last year we have had a steady stream of visitors to add to our already extended family. This has meant very little time for Lyn who has to cope with me travelling and also it has meant no sabbatical for anyone for over a year. Sometimes the house feels like Faulty Towers with me acing like Basil half the time. However a good friend has offered us his holiday home and we are hoping that the timing is right for some kind of break later in the year.

The terrible trio are doing well, that is S'phewi, Johannes and Paulina. Paulina was as pleased as punch when she won a 'Miss Wheelchair valentine' contest. She was crawling around the house shouting, "I'm a Princess".

M'Thombi is settling in well, although we have to take her back to the institution every Sunday evening. When we leave her, she sobs her little heart out. Please continue to pray, the social workers here are incompetent to the point of negligence and to have to take M'Thombi back to that place really goes against the grain.

Check Out Our new International Web site

You will find it on www.moriel.org Just click on missions to see whets happening in the world. I also recommend you sign up for Scott Brisk's news alert. I met Scott and his wife Debbie in Delaware, what a lovely couple! You may also click onto Radio and listen to Moriel's new Internet Radio station that has 8000 listeners, you will hear some great teaching, and even yours truly is there. Thanks must go to the web team who have worked so hard.

How you can support?

For overseas supporters you can contact your local Moriel office via the International web site at www.moriel.org

For Royle family support

Brenda & Baden Royle
2 Cressington Close
Off Derby Road
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For ministry support please contact

Pastor Phil Baldwin
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Our South Africa details

Pastor David Royle
Po Box 10807
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South Africa
Tel/Fax: 011 362 1026
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks once again for you love and support, we will be in touch again as soon as we have more news.

Prayer requests

  • For the finances to complete the first double unit and the arrival of the first 12 children at Ebyown. So much has happened in the 4 months we've been on site, we are so near.
  • The Kwazulu team that this mission station will be a light to the world.
  • We need to finish off the Rondavel and also put money aside for up grading the property.
  • For another missionary for Limpopo, this is urgent.
  • For Dave as he travels while teaching.
  • For financial support for the Royle Family, the Massey's and Salvadore. Each month we barely make it but for Gods grace. Please be the senders of 'sent ones'.
  • The continued good health of our orphans, please remember Peewee, Jo, Polly Tombi, Sibongili, Brendan and Bengani in your prayers.
  • For all the admin people who help all over the world


  • For the donation that means we can buy a minibus for Ebyown
  • For the donation of a computer for the college
  • For the gifts that enabled the Massey's to tile their new home
  • For traveling mercies for all our people.
  • For putting bread on the table for another month
  • For our continued health
  • For little Malachi
  • For you our partners