Charley Carle

Research on Mormonism

by Charley Carle

Friend, have you examined your church objectively? Please, do not let a religious organization control your thinking. If you believe Mormonism teaches truth, will you compare it to the Bible? Think of the eternal impact upon your family if a church leads you astray. As a poor dying person may be fearful of a medical exam, people fear the truth due to religious conditioning. May God guard you from the bitterness that so easily follows deception! Do not react against God - the Father and Jesus Christ were not the Ones who misled you. May God bless your search.

Alpha and Omega Ministries

As other sites this includes tapes, debates, etc.
"A Test Case Of Scholarship" - See the glaring errors in the
"scholarship" of F.A.R.M.S.
"Alpha and Omega Ministries responds to: 17 Points of the True Church" -
Do they stand up to examination?
"Temples Made With Hands" - Where does God dwell?
"Joseph Smith the Translator" - His personal agenda.
"Verses Relevant to Sharing the Gospel with Mormons"

Utah Lighthouse Ministry

Christians find the denials of LDS missionaries frustrating! Never be deceived! Go here for your documentation, pictures from LDS ORIGINALS, or books you can buy!

Tapestry of Polygamy

"The Book of Mormon" - Contradicts Mormonism!

Three sites for SPANISH and OTHER languages

Recovery from Mormonism

"To Those Who Are Investigating 'Mormonism' What the missionaries do not tell you" - Are you considering joining the Mormon Church? Remember friend, if you believe wrongly, you will be wrong for all of eternity!"
"Mormon Women and Depression"
Excellent web info at:

Biblical Discernment Ministries

"The Other Mormon Church (RLDS)"

Berean Christian Ministries

"Brigham Young's Strange Sayings"
"The Fruits of Mormon Prophets"
"People of African Heritage and the Mormon Church"
"Why the Bible is Reliable"
"The Book of Mormon Compared to Mormonism, Compared to the Bible"

MacGregor Ministries

"Total Apostasy? Which Joseph Smith will you believe?"
"Questions and Answers ... Is Mormonism Christian ?"
"The Testimony of Three Witnesses" - Incredible conflicts! All of the
Watergates of history would pass undiscovered if no one examined the facts.

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

"Prophecy, the Bible and Jesus"
"Jesus is God" - Jesus is "My Lord and my God!" John 20:28. Do you have
the same God as the disciples? Vs. 29.
"President Hinckley's Jesus: Mormon Prophet Admits He Believes in Another Christ - Not the Traditional Jesus" - Is the Mormon Jesus indeed "another Jesus"? (II Cor. 11:4) and a false Christ? (Mat. 24:24)
"Are We Justified by Faith (Romans) or by Works (James)?" - When "working" doesn't work!

Mormonism Research Ministry

"Leaving Mormonism" - Trauma on the way to peace!
"Mormonism's Paid Ministry"
"Joseph Smith Didn't Believe the Book of Mormon... So Why Should Anyone Else?" - Quite a claim. Check it out!
"LDS Leaders Insist: 'We Are Not Alone'" - What did the original Mormo "prophets" say about moon men? When the astronauts returned, a preacher inquired (checking LDS prophets), "Did you see any Quakers up there?" See why.
"Families Forever?" - The breakdown of Mormon logic.
"Blood Atonement - If It Was Never Taught, Why Do So Many Mormons Believe It?"
"Calvary or Gethsemane? The Atonement According to Mormonism" - Curiously, other symbols are treasured by the LDS, as holy underwear markings. See why you will never see a cross on a Mormon Church.
"A Response to Latter-day Saints who say, "We Never Criticize Christian Churches" - Who was the attacker?
"Jesus' Unique Priesthood" - Who has the authority?
"Who is the One Mormons Call 'The Savior'?"
"Smithsonian Institution Statement Regarding the Book of Mormon"

Watchman Fellowship

"Testing The Book of Mormon By Moroni 10:4"
"Reorganized Saints Build New Temple and New Image: Controversy Surrounds New RLDS Temple"
"Doctrine and Covenants: Fullness of the Gospel, Where Is It?" - Why
isn't it in the Book of Mormon?
"The LDS Church Films Its 'Legacy'"
"Famous Old West Gunfights" - Was the death of Joseph Smith like Stephen the martyr, not throwing stones back, or as the gunfight at the OK Corral?
"Brigham Young exclaims: Thus Saith The Prophet of God?" - According to the second LDS prophet, Joseph Smith saw an angel in the First Vision, NOT Jesus. So what are some obvious implications for a Mormon?

Word for the Weary

"Testing the Book of Mormon" by Robert W. Bowman, Jr.
"The Susquehanna Affair" - Baptizing without authority.
"When the Saints Went Marching Out" - How does the Legacy Film relate to this documented account of history?

Institute for Religious Research

"Sacraficing Time for Eternity" - What about the plural wives of Joseph Smith and his marrying married women?
"Failed Prophecies of Joseph Smith" - A true prophet?
"Bones, Stones, and the Scriptures: Has Archaeology Helped or Hurt the Bible?" - God's Word stands!
"The Scientific Search for Nephite Remains"
"New Light on Joseph Smith's First Vision" - A seer?
"Is Mormonism Christian? A Comparison of Mormon and Historic Christian Teaching" - See the contrasts!
"Joseph Smith's Changing Doctrine of Deity" - The longer Joseph lived, the further he drifted from orthodoxy.
"Dodging and Dissembling Prophet?" - Do the LDS teach that God was once a man? President Hinckley's TIME interview catches a Mormon prophet in an open lie!
"The Old Testament Temple & New Testament Faith: Are Mormon Temples an Extension of the Biblical Temple?" - The temple of God versus religious imitations.

Let Us Reason

"The Virgin Birth" - The LDS Mary was an adulteress.
"Mormons fail the test of the garden all over again"

Saints Alive

"The False Prophet, Joseph Smith, 'And it Didn't Come to Pass....'" - The Legacy film quotes Jesus out of context, saying, "Ye shall know them by their fruits." Mat. 7:16. Know who? Contextually, the false prophets! "Beware of false prophets!" Verse 15. You will know them by their corruption or their unfulfilled predictions. "The Massive Mormon Scripture Mess" - Are the curses for changing God's Word limited to the Book of Revelation? The "Joseph Smith Translation" added to and subtracted from Revelation over 85 times. What is clear about Joseph Smith's standing before God (Rev. 22:18-19)? If his translation is inspired, why distribute the KJV?