Bill Alnor

CRI Claims Contributions 'Evaporated'

In the case of CRI/Hanegraaff vs. Alnor, CRI/Hanegraaff did not appeal the court's ruling. This means that besides the meritless defamation suit filed against me being thrown out of court, Hanegraaff and CRI has been ordered to pay all of my legal bills. ‚   As you might remember, the court ruled that CRI/Hanegraaff violated California's anti-SLAPP statutes by filing the lawsuit. ‚   Today my legal team petitioned the court for recovery of my legal expenses, which are in the six-figure range. ‚   I will give the exact figure in the near future. ‚  

At the same time, Hank Hanegraaff is begging for money again, claiming that CRI has experienced "a virtual shutdown in giving." ‚   In an unusual appeal in today's (6-12-07) Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hanegraaff claimed that CRI is $775,000 short, and that "income from giving . evaporated from where it was this time last year." ‚   CRI is so short that they are considering shrinking back from some of its operations...

Here is today's Bible Answer Man Broadcast: The pitch for money begins around minute 39.


Hank Hanegraaff transcript:

"I just want to take a few moments to share with you a very important concern that is before us right here at the Christian Research Institute. ‚   You see, lately we've experienced a virtual shutdown in giving from
listener's and donors.

"Income from giving seems evaporated from where it was this time last year. ‚   It has produced a shortfall that is in the neighborhood of ‚   $775,000. In addition, we are coming up on the end of our fiscal year and by all accounts we are projected to come up substantially short as we close our books.

"With only a few days remaining in CRI's year-end, a HUGE GAP needs to be closed between where we are right now financially and where we need to be. ‚   Add all those factors together and we find ourselves in a
CRITICAL situation. The last thing we want to do during this critical time is to shrink back from the outreach and the equipping we engage in each and every day. We receive innumerable letters, emails phone
calls from Christians and nonchristians alike who are asking about God, the Bible life after death, Islam, the reality of Christ, end times prayer, and so much more. The only way the Christian Research Institute can keep up with this outreach and then make headway with these substantial financial challenges is through YOUR prayerful and financial support. ‚   If you are regular or even semi regular listener to the Bible Answer Man broadcast and you have seen first hand the difference this ministry has made in presenting the truth of God's word, then I am asking for you for you financial and prayerful help. ‚   It's CRITICAL that we
hear from you today.


William M. Alnor, Ph.D.


Moriel & Jacob Prasch recognize God's judgment on Hank Hanegraaff for his financially unethical malconduct, his contra-scriptural litigation against other believers, and his false doctrine that includes a hyper Calvinist anti Israel bias and propagation of the erroneous dogma of replacement theology(Genesis 12:1-3).

On top of this is his compromise on the ecumenical issue and the unbelievable hypocrisy of publicly hanging others for the same cheap brand of financial low financial integrity he exercises himself.

May The lord continue to raise His hand against this deceiver.