Eliahu Ben Haim now with the Lord

Eliahu Ben Haim now with the Lord

It was with sadness we learned from a Scotland rep of Moriel of the temporary loss of Eliahu Ben Haim, who directed the 'Intercessors For Israel' organisation.

With fondness we recall the kindness that he and his wife Hanna displayed towards an aged Derek Prince in Derek's latter years and we recall the integrity of Eliahu some years ago in his outspoken rejection of the failed counterfeit revival in Toronto and its importation into Israel.

While there were areas that we did not doctrinally or theologically agree with brothers like Eliahu and Derek Prince, they were brothers and we usually did agree with them on most issues. We state this in particular reference to their recognition of the prophetic place of Israel & The Jews in the Divine agenda, and we salute their opposition to the errors of supercessionism and Replacement theology.

It is our prayer that Eliahu's family will know the presence and consolation of Yeshua, in whose presence Eliahu now is, during this season of bereavement and temporary separation.

Eliahu's gain is his family's loss. We also encourage prayer for the future ministry of Intercessors for Israel.

Jacob Prasch & Moriel Ministries