Announcement, Dec 20, 2018

Announcement, Dec 20, 2018

A staged and scripted video clip falsely claiming that Moriel & Jacob Prasch are 'Under Investigation' is of course completely without foundation. Such fabrications are as untrue as they are malicious. We are able to confirm that neither Moriel or Jacob Prasch are under any investigation of any kind by any civil, governmental, judicial, or police authority for anything in any country or in any jurisdiction.

Moriel TV has already ceased commenting on the David Nathan issue and we have ceased responding to his proponents and defenders such as Deborah and Stuart Menelaws though we stand by the factual accuracy of what had been reported.We reject as hyperbolic nonsense the hideous demands of Graham Baldwin & his Catalyst organization and the Menelaws of GV 24/7 framed in language that may legally constitute blackmail and urging litigation against us.

According to their website, Baldwin's 'Catalyst' "have no religious beliefs" and will represent anyone of any religion (Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist), or of any sexual orientation (heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian) claiming religious abuse for the suggested contribution of 50 British Pounds per hour, and say they are not a 'Christian' organization of saved believers in Christ.

Jacob Prasch moreover is not even on Social Media and is therefore in no position to 'e-stalk' or harass anyone. As the ROKU financial report of Moriel shows, no wages for Jacob Prasch appear in the audits of Moriel UK because Jacob does not receive any, nor any royalties, and all of our recorded materials are freely available at no cost on the Internet. We invite anyone to download any material of Moriel or Jacob Prasch free of charge, only requesting it not be edited or commercially sold. Giving it away is encouraged. Sadly however, contrary to our wishes, the Menelaws continue to commercially sell filmed material featuring Jacob Prasch.

Emails sent by us in response to vitriolic attacks against Moriel Ministries and Jacob Prasch claimed to be abusive by Mr. Baldwin and Menelaws have notably not been produced by them, essentially because read in context such do not exist. These are merely replies to hostile attacks upon us including libelous allegations of mental illness. Claims that expert opinion in documentaries are not paid is denied by the BBC & UK Channel 4, and the 'Daniel Connection' in which Jacob Prasch and other Christians appeared unsalaried was a movie with a plot and acting, not a documentary, and as reported, was commercially sold to Hollywood and to China. Unlike Moriel which publishes its audited financial records, the Menelaw's operations have not.

Moriel has declined to reply to more recent emails by David Nathan and Deborah Menelaws who seem pointlessly intent on keeping this monster alive. All that needs to be established doctrinally and otherwise has been stated and re-stated already and we do not intend to be participants in this Christ dishonoring religious charade triggered by such heresy as 'God The Father not being Creator', and those who defend such lies. For us it has been over for weeks.

Others wishing to drag it out, will continue to be ignored. while acting on behalf of Menelaws in a video produced by Menelaws we have been pronounced as 'unbelievers & pagan' by 'Catalyst', themselves professing to hold 'no religious beliefs' . They have threatened us with suing in rejection of 1 Corinthians 6, yet we challenge anyone to produce documented evidence that we, (or the threat victim Jacob Prasch), have ever threatened anyone. We have meanwhile thanked Bill Randles for his apologetic removal of a blog critical of Moriel & Jacob.


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