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Important Notice regarding David Nathan - Aug 2018

Blessings & Thank you for your questions regarding David Nathan whom we all at Moriel like and love and whose separation from Moriel we frankly regret.

We cannot however speak for David personally, and you will need to address any doctrinal questions to him and to 'Bread of Life' ministries. Attached below are the teaching materials by David Nathan that have been at issue. While we are agreement with some of it, certain aspects are incompatible with Moriel's understanding of scripture, statement of faith, and charter.

It is better if we decline further comment and allow David to speak for himself should you see fit to contact him with reference to his own theological positions. However, by way of clarification our positions in terms of doctrinal theology are incongruous with certain of David's positions as published in his Foundation Principles material attached below.

Without hostility or personal attack, we cannot endorse a teaching that urges believers to stand on a personal word from The Lord which he, like many others, defines as a Rhema (although Greek scholars dispute these definitions) in the same way they would stand on scripture, defined as Logos. Neither can we, (on the basis of Exodus chapter 30 and the absence of exegetical warrant in the New Testament) sanction David's understanding of "laying on of hands", although we do agree with the practice itself as mentioned in the Epistle to Timothy, and we do hold to Spirit Baptism as it is explained on the Moriel recorded teaching on 'Baptism'.

Another problematic issue has been David's view of atonement for sin in the Millennial reign of Christ being by Levitical sacrifice (which will be practiced at that time as a typological 'pedeon' to teach the Gospel to those born during that period), instead of by the blood of Christ. We expected David to retract this statement, which he had agree to do, (in accordance with the Epistle to The Hebrews that animal sacrifices can never atone for sin), but the retraction has not been forthcoming. David may and undoubtedly will respond to these matters for himself, however Moriel is simply going by what David published and recorded - that multiple believers on Facebook etc. have as a result, wrongly interpreted to be the doctrinal beliefs of Moriel. This compelled Moriel to clarify that such is not the case.

Again, we all stand united in our personal fondness of David and we freely acknowledge that many have been blessed by other aspects of his teaching ministry with which we are in agreement. We additionally once more thank David his administration work for Moriel in South Africa. It is Moriel hope that he will retract these doctrines which we only hold as erroneous.

Sincerely in Jesus,

Moriel Board

Update (Sept 5th, 2018). David responded to us.  Jacob Prasch has responded back  - please see here