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Ireland supports boycotts and calls Israel an apartheid state/Anti Israel

First EU country to legalise Same Sex Marriage   First EU country to elect an openly Homosexual Prime Minister/ Taoiseach (a half Hindu; I was in India the week before last and Hindus were catching cow urine and rubbing it on their faces in the streets - the Taoiseach's version of "holy water". I watched cows being fed while small kids were left in hunger).

First EU country to legalise non-therapeutic abortion with no clinical warrant as a mere means of birth control by means of popular Public Referendum. The vote was a landslide.

First EU country to enact pro-radical Islamic anti Israel boycott bringing the promised curse of God on itself (Genesis 12:3). The Republic of Ireland is a nation that has truly gone from bad to worse , going from my fellow New Yorker De Valera cum 'Devilera'  to the Devil himself - from Maynooth to Mecca. Ireland has failed, and for political reasons categorically refused, to criminally prosecute a single Roman Catholic Bishop for illicitly conspiring to protect pedophile sex criminal priests , "christian" Brothers & nuns, despite the Dail formally establishing that every Irish Bishop is guilty of it. Yet it makes trade with Israel's biblical heartland a criminal act.

The Irish Left complains of  a 'British occupation' of Ulster claiming that history proves the Irish are the indigenous people, yet adapts a different standard when history and archaeology  (not to mention the scriptures including the four Gospels) prove that the Jews are the indigenous people of Bethlehem, Beth El, East Jerusalem, Shilo , Jericho & The West Bank. Whatever one's politics, there is no elective  abortion, same sex marriage, or anti Semitism in Northern Ireland (except of course in Andersontown, Short Strand, or up the Falls Road).

All you need is a feigned "Mea Culpa" , a stupid joke of a papal visit, and getting your shirts starched at a Magdallen laundry  in order to sweep sex crimes against children perpetrated by Roman Catholic clergy under the rug in Ireland.  But if their own children don't matter to the Irish government , why should Jewish or Arab children matter? My lunatic Fenian distant Irish cousins murdered Catholic and Protestant children alike in the Omagh bombing. I was in Australia at the time and I vividly recall watching the news report on TV of the funeral of a little  four year old Catholic girl murdered in Omagh, and I have likewise seen Arab as well as Jewish children murdered by Islamic terrorist bombing in Israel. Not a word from Frances Black.

Upwards of 350,000 Arabs killed by other Moslem Arabs in Syria alone, Hamas & Hizbollah persecuting and murdering Arab Christians as do Iran and Saudi Arabia, yet it is Israel with the best  Christian rights, women's rights, and over all human rights record in the Middle East that is singled out by the Irish government for bogus "war crimes". If the Dail wants to see real war crimes the FF , FG, Labour, & Sinn Fein  politicians should  go to Syria or Gaza or ask about the 3.3 million Christians slaughtered in a 14 year period by Islamic militias in Sudan. Where is the Irish boycott on Saudi oil or on Iran where 98% of the Christian pastors were hung? As a Christian I thank God that there is at least one nation in The Middle East where Christians are safe - and that nation is Israel.

Vradaker the Taoiseach should go the Middle East with one of his boyfriends and experience what is decreed by Islamic Sharia law for his homosexuality. He won't be returning to Dublin. Frances Black should do the same and see what happens to  feminist women in Islamic countries. I can almost hear her screaming now while they are mercilessly flogging her. Yet these hypocrites vilify Israel for standing up to this radical Islam that is steadily being imported into Ireland under EU immigration policies. But don't be fooled  - justice is coming (Obadiah 15).

We must pray for Ireland. The judgment of God is surely coming upon the land of my maternal ancestors. The moral avalanche into placing a benediction on everything from unnatural marital unions to the genocidal murder of the unborn to the serial  protection of sex pervert clergy guilty of the most heinous of crimes enacted  inside of  convents and confessionals against defenseless children, has now reached a new low. For the pedophile sagart Jesus said it would be better to be tossed off the dock in Dun Laohaire into the Irish Sea with a millstone around his neck. For those who curse the descendants of Abraham, Issac, & Jacob whom remain beloved for the sake of their patriarchs (Romans 11: 28), God has another impracatory guarantee. According to Zechariah 2:8, an increasingly God-less Ireland has now touched the  "Apple Of God's Own Eye", and I don't mean Patsy Fagan.

  Seamus Jacobus (aka: James Jacob Prasch)