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Israel Independence Day

An Israel Independence Day Message from Moriel's partner ministry at the J Ranch, California

As I think on the Jews in Israel today, I know they will soon be celebrating Yom ha-Azma'ut(or Israel Independence Day).

I can't help but grieve for they do not know true freedom nor ever will until they know Y'shua, Jesus!

Yes God freed them in 1948, because that is God's land and no one else's.

And He will soon return to free whoever is still remaining at His second coming.

Until then my heart grieves for all of Israel to recgconize their Messiah that was hung on a tree for us all.

Y'shu, Jesus, Our Lord and our God.

Let's keep praying for Israel as never before.....

Jesus open the eyes of your people to recognize you before the destruction begins.

I know you will when you return, but have mercy and save many before that happens Lord.

Thank you Jesus. Amen

Grace and peace to you who are Christ Jesus