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Obama Forbids Jews to Build in Jerusalem

Please pray for God to raise his hand against the Obama Administration and NOT against America

(This is not a political appeal but a theological one based on biblical moral convictions. Moriel is not a political organization and makes no electoral endorsements nor sanctions any political parties or their candidates in the USA or in any other nation)..

Barack Hussein Obama

  • A member of a racist church with a racist pastor whom Obama called 'family' who preached "God Damn America" to which he contributed $500 in tax deductible gifts weekly. At the same time Obama mocked and denounced others for holding onto their faith while his faith is a church that preaches racial hatred and prays for America's damnation.
  • Who proclaimed June Gay & Lesbian Pride Month (Romans 1: 26-27).
  • Who has lied, lied, and lied again. Promising change and that no legislation would not be pre-published on The White House website Obama instead gave the most massive mound of deficit and debt built budget to congress the night before the vote , quadrupling the already horrific Bush deficits. This proven liar is an out of control economic mad man. The Word of God warns of those who become rich by borrowing (Habakuk 2:6).
  • Who is the best friend that abortion and late term abortion has ever had (Luke 1:44).
  • Who now licks the boots of radical Islam in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, deliberately mute on the subject of moslem human rights abuses and oblivious to the cries of the persecuted church.
  • Who puts nearly another $1 billion dollars on the US tax payer credit card to fund UN projects in Gaza knowing very well that the administration of such projects is funding terrorist HAMAS.
  • Who now bullies Israel , the archaeologically proven indigenous people of the land insisting they have no right to their native land, but must pander to the demands of Islam (Genesis 12: 3).


Nations get the leaders they serve and America has provoked the judgment of God.

Please Dear God may Your judgment rather fall on Barack Obama and his administration instead of the foolish backslidden nation that chose this evil son of Lucifer. May the God who establishes and removes leaders please remove this one quickly. ‚   (DANIEL 2:21).

Obama tells Jews to stop building homes "“ in Israel!

Posted: June 28, 2009
7:07 pm Eastern
By Aaron Klein

JERUSALEM "“ The Obama administration told the Palestinian Authority the "golden era" of Israeli construction in sections of Jerusalem and the strategic West Bank will soon come to an end, a top PA negotiator told WND.

"The U.S. assured us that for the first time since 1967, we are going into a period where there will not be allowed a single construction effort on the part of the Israelis in the settlements, including in Gush Etzion, Maale Adumum and eastern Jerusalem," said the negotiator, speaking from Ramallah on condition his name be withheld.

Maale Adumim is located in eastern Jerusalem. Israel reunited the eastern and western sections of Jerusalem and the West Bank during the 1967 Six Day War. Eastern Jerusalem, claimed by the PA for a future state, includes the Temple Mount.
The negotiator told WND the positions of the PA and U.S. regarding ongoing Jewish construction in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem "are closer than ever."

"The U.S. used to differentiate between natural grown and adding new communities. Not anymore. No construction will be allowed, not even natural growth," the PA negotiator said.

"Natural growth" means adding additional housing to existing communities to accommodate the needs of a growing population.
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The negotiator spoke yesterday just before Defense Minister Ehud Barak took off for Washington, D.C., for meetings with the Obama administration.

The negotiator claimed that while Barak might reach an understanding with the U.S. regarding possible West Bank movements, such a deal would be for Israeli political purposes and wouldn't translate into actual Jewish construction on the ground.

The Obama administration recently demanded Israel halt all settlement activity, including natural growth, in apparent abrogation of a deal made by President Bush to allow for natural growth.

The deal was forged just prior to Israel's 2005 retreat from the Gaza Strip. It was confirmed by Sharon aide Dov Weissglas in 2005, and in a Wall Street Journal column last week by Elliott Abrams, a former deputy national security adviser to Bush who reportedly negotiated the arrangement. The deal was in line with an official letter from Bush the year before stating Israel cannot be expected to withdraw from the entire West Bank and that the Jewish state would retain major settlement blocs there.

The West Bank borders major Israeli cities and is within rocket firing range of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Israel's international

Military strategists long have estimated Israel must maintain the West Bank to defend itself from any ground invasion. Terrorist groups have warned if Israel withdraws, they will launch rockets from the West Bank into Israeli cities.

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