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Mosque Is 'Muslim Factory For Jihad Fighters'

by Hana Levi Julian
Iyar 12, 5769, 06 May 09 05:00

( A Muslim cleric in the Gaza-based Hamas terrorist organization has redefined the purpose of the mosque, generally known around the world as the Islamic house of worship.

In a ‚  video clip ‚  of a ‚  televised sermon ‚  broadcast on Al Aqsa (Hamas) TV on April 24, the unidentified cleric declared, "True foundation and education start in the mosques"¦ " ‚  A transcript of the sermon, in subtitles, ‚  was provided by the Washington-based media watchdog organization, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

The point made by the cleric underscores the importance of security measures carried out by Israel Police on Fridays at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, especially during periods of tension, prior to Israeli national and Jewish holidays, or immediately following terror attacks.

"Do you realize what the mosque is? It is a prime factory educating men to fear and please Allah; [it is] the prime factory for educating Jihad fighters," the cleric continued in the video clip.

"The mosque is the life of Muslims, and the symbol of their courage and honor," he said.

Even a Muslim Fetus is Committed to Jihad

During his sermon, the cleric also explained that even a Muslim fetus is not free of the obligation to make war.

"The Palestinian fetus in its mother’s womb, the Muslim fetus throughout the world in its mother’s womb, call [on Muslims] to unite through fear of Allah, through pleasing him, and through choosing Jihad and Resistance [terror]," he proclaimed.

Women ‚  almost never prevented from attending services at the Al Aqsa mosque ‚  in Jerusalem ‚  Temple Mount, regardless of the security restrictions set for Muslim men.

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