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As much as I welcome, the Archbishop of Canterbury for his solidarity with the Chief Rabbi's stance on Jeremy Corbyn, I do not welcome the so-called support of Muslim Council of Britain, because, what is the difference between Adolph Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajimi Al-Alhusseini during the European Jewry Holocaust?

MORIEL EDITORIAL OF THE WEEK: Boris, Biden, and Bill by Rubin Rothler, LL. B, LL. M

An object lesson in strategy and diplomacy for every democratic nation - by Melanie Philips

This New Year’s day, Britain finds itself in a position that few expected even as late as last week.
With the arrival of 2021, it regains its status as an independent, sovereign nation governed by laws passed by its own democratically elected parliament free of control by a foreign power. Brexit has finally been achieved.
For those squinting at Britain from elsewhere, how this came about and what it amounts to might appear both bewildering and irrelevant to any other country’s concerns.

Courage, Anxiety and Despair- Watching the Battle; James Sant, 1850-1916

For an exhausting fifth time in three and a half years, Israelis will once again be going to the polls to elect a new government in the Knesset. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid announced they would move to dissolve their doomed ruling coalition, just over a year after it was formed.

 The tributes for the Queen are unreservedly appropriate. She has been the Monarch whom the most people in the world can remember. 

WOKE REVISIONISM AND POST COLONIAL REALITY The actual legacy of Queen Elizabeth II. 'Woke' revisions.
By  Rubin Rothler LLB, LLM.


With an heir to the throne whom few, if any, respect or even take seriouslly, who has a grossly unpopular wife, a morally discredited brother, and a son who quit royalty, can there be another British Sovereign, titular head of Anglicanism, and figurehead of the Commonwealth, who anyone will pay any actual attention to?