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First the Stone, Then the Sword

The sermons in listed in the sidebar were made to give to the unsaved. But they"re also made to give you ammunition of a specific kind. Once David brought Goliath down he chopped off his head with his own sword. You bring them down with the stone, you decapitate them with their own sword.

What is the most effective weapon against the Roman Catholic Church? The material I was reading last night, their own papal edicts and encyclicals. What is the most powerful weapon to decapitate a Jehovah"s Witness? Back issues of the Watchtower and Awake magazine as we read yesterday. What is the most effective instrument to decapitate a Mormon? The Book of Mormon, The Book of Abraham, The Pearl of Great Price, The Journal of Discourses of Brigham Young – their own literature. You take off Goliath"s head with his own sword. What"s the most effective way to decapitate an Orthodox rabbi? The Mishnah, which supports Christian interpretations of messianic prophecy. You always take off their head with their own sword.

Yes, they are big, yes, they are well-defended, yes, they are well-armed, but there"s something they can"t protect and there"s a stone made just for that target. But do you know how to shoot?

Why does God keep David looking after a few sheep for a long time? He didn't have much opportunity for anything, but he sure did have a lot of target practice. He always had to be vigilant. “I"ll write a hymn to the Lord and then I"ll go out and practice." And every once in awhile a lion would show up and the lion would be sorry he did. “Who left you with those few sheep?" That doesn"t matter. Which spot, which stone can you shoot?

Then, after he chops off his head, he puts the sword in his own tent, doesn"t he? He takes it out of Goliath"s sheath and puts it in his own tent. You might need it for future reference. Go get your elders.