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If So, What Might This Mean For Saved Christians? by Rubin Rothler
With the results of the Israeli elections confirmed, Netenyahu is on course to be Israel's longest serving Prime Minister. Without doubt, Netenyahu's political acumen and savy borders on that of genius. He has mastered the dark arts of discourse. He was able to successfully project himself as the man who can continue to provide security, identity and prosperity.
Comprehending the prophetic significance of the modern quagmire that is the contemporary Middle East demands an understanding  of the Post World War I origins of the current nations carved out of the defeated Ottoman Empire by Anglo and Franco colonialism.
From the days of the Sanhedrin to the Ghettos and shtetls of Europe, Orthodox Rabbis have always tried to legislate by decree all aspects of Jewish culture, economy and education. The result was identity preservation at the expense of economic and cultural stagnation until the 'haskala' (the Jewish enlightenment). In modern Israel, secular Jews are to the Ultra-Orthodox what the gentiles were in the diaspora -- a despised infidel majority. Now from the neighborhoods of Bnei Brak and Mea Shearim in today's Israel, the Ultra-Orthodox seek by means of their demographic and clout in coalition politics to reverse the haskalah. Rubin Rothler recounts and examines the realities of rabbinic dictatorship for what they are. These realities, without doubt, will have a formative hand in Israel’s "covenant with death' predicted by the Hebrew prophets with the coming advent of the Antichrist who will deceive Israel.
 From the Balfour Declaration to Trump embassy relocation to Jerusalem, the Anglo-American alliance that has defined global Geo-Politics for over a century has been central to the unfolding and out working of the scripturally predicted Prophetic agenda for Israel & The Jews. This has paralleled the fact that since the Methodist Revivals of the late 18th Century, Britain, then the USA have been at the demographic and theological heart of Evangelicism, missions, and Philo-Semitic support for Zionism. But what, in light of current trends, might the future hold in this regard?
Following April’s election, the decisive factor causing irreconcilable divisions that ended up scuttling coalition formation talks was the proposed Haredi Military Draft Law. Netanyahu’s major coalition partner Avigdor Lieberman was a leading promoter of this legislation and was unwilling to fold on his demand for the government to endorse it.