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Moriel Podcast, June 2020


Promo Video from GCR TV

Shalom friends
Grace and peace be multiply unto you from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.Folks, please circulate the attached promos for RTN and Moriel via your preferred social media channels!
Ancient Walls
The Great Wall of China (which contrary to popular myth is not visible from outer space) was built to keep people out.  Nowadays it has the opposite effect—attracting tourists to China to come see this Great Wall.  Communist China raised up “walls” to keep Christian missionaries out.  This also had an opposite effect—underground churches flourished and native missionaries sprung up.  Another religion foreign to China, rushing into the spiritual vacuum created by Communism, was Buddhism-- which has also experienced a surge in popularity.  
My anger is over the top in this piece, but I consider it Righteous Indignation:Read more ...
Dave Borlase has just removed my FB post and blocked me from it, so I have put it all over GCR with this addendum!

GCR TV Response to Bill Randels teaching, Dec 1st 2019

"Check out the latest GCRTV Response to Bill Randles's teaching that God only loved us once".  
As much as I welcome, the Archbishop of Canterbury for his solidarity with the Chief Rabbi's stance on Jeremy Corbyn, I do not welcome the so-called support of Muslim Council of Britain, because, what is the difference between Adolph Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajimi Al-Alhusseini during the European Jewry Holocaust?

Israeli NAR Leaders at MEHR 2020

This from our friends at NARWatch Israel,it is a fully English version with English audio of a video originally published in Hebrew here (https://youtu.be/UkPmUzjaq_8)
Read more ...
The following is a copy of the comment that was made publicly and directly to Bill Randles, by Sergio Mariani. Sergio is a retired police officer who formerly was appointed by Bill Randles to be part of the media team for believer's in grace church.  His statement was issued independently without any reference from or to, or without any input from Moriel Ministries:
Points Against A Double End Times Theophany by Scott Noble
(The Two Witnesses of Rev 11 are not the Father and the Holy Spirit)
The board of Moriel Ministries finds that Moriel Ministries can no longer be supportive of the ministry of Bill Randles due to doctrinal differences.
Following April’s election, the decisive factor causing irreconcilable divisions that ended up scuttling coalition formation talks was the proposed Haredi Military Draft Law. Netanyahu’s major coalition partner Avigdor Lieberman was a leading promoter of this legislation and was unwilling to fold on his demand for the government to endorse it.

Israeli pastor warns about Tikkun - 2019

(Note: Please click the "CC" option if subtitles don't automatically appear.)

Mission Update Thailand - Sept 2019

Dear believers in grace,
Open Air Preaching
Last month and the previous month we went open air preaching in an area where there are many tourists. Micah and Isaiah both preached open air for the first time (and the second time) from Proverbs 3:3-8, which they had memorized, and we also preached in Thai and English. Videos of this are on my Facebook page. One man from Australia and his girlfriend came to church as a result of the outreach. Many others received tracts and we pray that God will continue to draw people to get right with Himself.

Prayer requests Aug 18, 2019

Please pray that Magdalena Angelica Lovejoy is healed of colon cancer and skin cancer and Alzhiemers disease and that she is given a healing cup from Jesus and surrounded with millions of angels to send away the enemy and protect and heal Her.
From the days of the Sanhedrin to the Ghettos and shtetls of Europe, Orthodox Rabbis have always tried to legislate by decree all aspects of Jewish culture, economy and education. The result was identity preservation at the expense of economic and cultural stagnation until the 'haskala' (the Jewish enlightenment). In modern Israel, secular Jews are to the Ultra-Orthodox what the gentiles were in the diaspora -- a despised infidel majority. Now from the neighborhoods of Bnei Brak and Mea Shearim in today's Israel, the Ultra-Orthodox seek by means of their demographic and clout in coalition politics to reverse the haskalah. Rubin Rothler recounts and examines the realities of rabbinic dictatorship for what they are. These realities, without doubt, will have a formative hand in Israel’s "covenant with death' predicted by the Hebrew prophets with the coming advent of the Antichrist who will deceive Israel.

Abortion in Australia, Please Pray: Aug 6-8

The New South Wales Parliament in Australia has allocated 3 days [6–8 August] for debate on a proposed abortion bill.

Prayer Request for Margaret and Bob. Aug 1st, 2019

Prayer Request for Margaret and Bob. Aug 1st, 2019Read more ...

Prayer Requests July 30th, 2019

Shalom Friends, Today (July 30th, 2019) here are a couple of prayer requests we are posting... (more to come) these ones are urgent, Please do pray!

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST - Jan Markel - July 2019

Moriel & Jacob Prasch, as a matter of some urgency, request prayer for Jan Markel who is facing a serious health crises of an undisclosed nature at the current moment.Read more ...

Dangerous Apostasy in the Church (R$E)

 From the Balfour Declaration to Trump embassy relocation to Jerusalem, the Anglo-American alliance that has defined global Geo-Politics for over a century has been central to the unfolding and out working of the scripturally predicted Prophetic agenda for Israel & The Jews. This has paralleled the fact that since the Methodist Revivals of the late 18th Century, Britain, then the USA have been at the demographic and theological heart of Evangelicism, missions, and Philo-Semitic support for Zionism. But what, in light of current trends, might the future hold in this regard?
If So, What Might This Mean For Saved Christians? by Rubin Rothler

Herescope Part 3: Ethnos Dominionism

EXHIBIT: “When the Nazis Desecrated the Jewish Cemetery of Salonika”[1] News release: “The New York Times will no longer be publishing political cartoons following the uproar surrounding an anti-Semitic depiction of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a political cartoonist whose work was featured in the paper.”[2] Read more ...

Herescope Part 4: Civic Church Anti-Semitism

Herescope Part 4: Civic Church Anti-Semitism

Exhibit: Dirk saving the thief-chaser[1]
In the year 1569 Dirk was arrested at Asperen in Holland for committing a crime against both the Church and the State. He was held in a residential palace turned into a prison. He escaped using a rope made out of knotted rags. Using this he was able to climb out of the prison onto the frozen moat. A guard noticed his escape and gave chase. 
Dirk had lost considerable weight on the meager prison rations. He ran over the thin ice, barely getting across with considerable peril. The thief-catcher following him broke through the ice and began to sink into the frigid waters. Dirk, perceiving that this state agent was in danger drowning, quickly returned and aided him in getting out of the icy waters. Dirk saved this man’s life!
Read more ...

“Woe to the media, false prophets….” ~Lewis Markwood[31]
Part 1: A Christian Responds

One of the lessons we learn from studying Jewish history is that anti-Semitism corrupts the people and the societies possessed by it. ~Paul Johnson, A History of the Jews[1]



Eliahu Ben Haim now with the Lord

It was with sadness we learned from a Scotland rep of Moriel of the temporary loss of Eliahu Ben Haim, who directed the 'Intercessors For Israel' organisation.

The Book of Enoch - June 2019

Good Evening. Where can I find accurate commentary on the Book of Enoch? Even better, can Mr Prasch record a short synopsis of the book and it's meaning as the historical context of Noah and the events leading to the flood.

Food for thought

1 2
Moriel & Jacob Prasch request urgent prayer for Eliahu Ben Haim , Director of Intercessors for Israel (IFI) , who is presently not in Israel but in Scotland. Due to an MRSA infection he has one of his legs amputated as he continues to battle the infection.
Why are so many believers making assumptions based on emotion and lack of biblical understanding? We are not all gifted bible expositors, but we should never ever condemn denounce anyone because you have a preference over person A against person B. Or if we are unsure about a biblical position. How many of you consult with your pastors or elders before you make such inflammatory and often stupid and offensive comments. There are so many out there calling themselves Christians, who just want to attack and bring down, anyone who gives you biblical advice contrary to what you want to hear. All because you can hide under someone else doctrine or agenda. Like rats in a sewer they attack anything they perceive not to be a rat. However frequently in their haste and fervour that state of blind excitement they attack their family.
It certainly gives me NO pleasure in writing this piece. As a matter of fact, it breaks my heart. I have wrestled with what I’m about to write for the last week.
Please pray for Sandy Simpson -  our Moriel rep working with BeAlert

Latest Prayer Requests - June 2019

Gwennyth of Australia (of 87 years) is shortly to undergo a very big operation & needs much prayer to assist her to come through the operation strongly, & also to come to know the Lord as soon as possible, on the odd chance she does not make it through the operation. Ornsiri of Thailand, who has much going against her. Prayers are needed that she will come to know the Lord as soon as possible in spite of all the struggles she faces. Matthew of Australia, was molested at a young age & has struggled for many years with drug abuse & sexual immorality & now severe health problems & is also at the point of suicide presently. As such i request prayer such that he comes to know the Lord as soon as possible. Christopher of Australia who is a brother in the Lord, recently had his colon cancer spread to numerous other of areas of his body & needs strength to endure the process the Lord is allowing presently and in the future, to grow in the ways that would be pleasing to the Lord.

Is Jacob Prasch Really Under Investigation?

“…the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service.” (John 16:2)
Comprehending the prophetic significance of the modern quagmire that is the contemporary Middle East demands an understanding  of the Post World War I origins of the current nations carved out of the defeated Ottoman Empire by Anglo and Franco colonialism.

A Prophet Greater than Moses - May 2019

We recently received a question from a brother in Australia about his Messianic Jewish friend who now seems to have denied Yeshua. The question concerns anti-missionaries (normally orthodox Jewish people whose have tasked themselves to deny Yeshua using all manner of techniques, some very disingenuous). Here is Yakov Prasch's rebuttal to the video sent:




Christ is coming: Jan Markell, Rick Wiles and the Great Apostasy

Kristien in Australia - April 24, 2019

Kristien, lives in Scoresby – Victoria – Australia. She immigrated to Australia from Germany with her mother.
We the undersigned as professional experienced police investigators with over half a century of detective experience combined in the investigation of crime  wish to respond regarding  the vexatious claims made against Moriel Ministries and Jacob Prasch by those supporting a Mr. David Nathan of South Africa in a theological dispute and those acting in concert with them.

Israel's Election Aftermath by Ruben Rothler

With the results of the Israeli elections confirmed, Netenyahu is on course to be Israel's longest serving Prime Minister. Without doubt, Netenyahu's political acumen and savy borders on that of genius. He has mastered the dark arts of discourse. He was able to successfully project himself as the man who can continue to provide security, identity and prosperity.
To CMFI Members
Regarding the ongoing dispute involving certain members of Christian Ministerial Fellowship International (CMFI) and others.

Upcoming elections in Israel - April 2019

The upcoming elections in Israel have been appraised by commentators both left and right for potentially broader regional significance beyond that of domestic politics. The outcome could reshape the Middle East for generations to come.
Henrietta asks for prayer to help her break the bonds of her past involvement in the occult.
Jacob Prasch & Moriel request prayer for our long time friend & sister in faith in Jean Durrant Christchurch, New Zealand who has been diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma and is undergoing treatment.

Prayer request for Joe Boswell, Feb 15, 2019

Prayer request for Joe Boswell, Feb 15, 2019Read more ...

New Moriel Video, Jan 1, 2019



GROUNDLESS RUMOR THAT MORIEL & JACOB PRASCH ARE ALLEGEDLY UNDER INVESTIGATION Blessings, an organization calling itself 'CATALYST' has posted a video clip produced apparently by STUDIO SCOTLAND (makers of the documentary 'The Daniel Project' featuring Jacob Prasch and its sequel  that was commercially sold to Hollywood and communist China 'The Daniel Connection' ) alleging that Moriel and Jacob Prasch are "under investigation". Read more ...

Salvation According to Tikkun Leadership

Dr. Michael Rudolph is a senior member of Tikkun Ministries. He is an elder in a Tikkun congregation and served as a congregational elder together with Asher Intrater. He is part of the Tikkun America Executive Team, a Tikkun regional council leader and is considered an emissary of Tikkun. He also established and managed a theological college for Tikkun.

Announcement, Dec 20, 2018

A staged and scripted video clip falsely claiming that Moriel & Jacob Prasch are 'Under Investigation' is of course completely without foundation. Such fabrications are as untrue as they are malicious. We are able to confirm that neither Moriel or Jacob Prasch are under any investigation of any kind by any civil, governmental, judicial, or police authority for anything in any country or in any jurisdiction.


How We Collect and Use Information
We collect the following types of information about you:
Moiriel & Jacob Prasch request urgent prayer for Di Hayworth, wife of Sal Hayworth , a former Moriel missionary in South Africa and still a friend of the ministry.

October 2018. Prayer for Berit Kjos (Crossroads)

Moriel asks for prayer for Berit Kjos who has be a strong voice for Truth via her website Crossroads for years, she has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.
David Royle who directs EBYOWN, the Moriel HIV Children's Ministry in South Africa and suffers from a diabetes related ocular condition has experienced eye bleeding in front of optic nerve while while on ministry trip to UK.
First EU country to legalise Same Sex Marriage   First EU country to elect an openly Homosexual Prime Minister/ Taoiseach (a half Hindu; I was in India the week before last and Hindus were catching cow urine and rubbing it on their faces in the streets - the Taoiseach's version of "holy water". I watched cows being fed while small kids were left in hunger).
One Helpful Suggestion ( …maybe)…an open Letter to David Nathan - with permission from Bill Randle's blog.
Blessings from Vietnam While the response by David Nathan to Moriel separating from him for serious doctrinal reasons will be responded to with point by point a rebuttal shortly, we just wanted to clarify the issues by allowing you to watch and listen for yourself to some of what we objected to the point where we had no option to distance Moriel & ourselves from David as his material (which we can only regard as flatly of a heretical nature) was in the public domain and many people were accosting Moriel as sharing and promoting this heterodox error.
About Mike Benade our new South African Administrator. Aug 2018
Blessings & Thank you for your questions regarding David Nathan whom we all at Moriel like and love and whose separation from Moriel we frankly regret.
Moriel & Jacob Prasch request urgent prayer for Sally ("Mustang Sally") Richardson who organises meetings in London and around the UK for Jacob and other Moriel speakers as well as hosting her Saturday Seminars devoted to Israel & Prophecy in Central London.
David Lister, Moriel Administrator, asks for prayer for his nephew, David, who has just entered a Christian drug rehab.
Disgraced conspiracy theorist Rev. Dr Stephen Sizer, who claimed that an Israeli conspiracy was behind 9/11, has been announced as a speaker at the annual pro-Hizballah “Al Quds Day” parade through central London on 10th June.

Mission update - Philippines June 2018

Dear Bro. Jacob and Bro. David,
Grace and peace be multiply unto you from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Moriel & Jacob Prasch welcome pastor Marco Quintanna as Senior Trustee of Moriel USA.Read more ...

Al Dager - now with Jesus: May 2nd 2018

It is with a predictable combination of sorrow and joy that we learned that our friend & brother Al Dager has gone to be with The Lord. He with his beloved wife lived in the American state of Washington in the Pacific North West. Al has battled heart disease for some time.Read more ...

CHUCK MISSLER - RIP May 1st 2018

Moriel & Jacob Prasch commemorate the life & ministry of our friend Chuck Missler, with whom Jacob Prasch shared platforms at multiple conference events in the USA & UK.  Chuck has rejoined his wife Nancy in the presence of The Lord.Read more ...

Prayer Request for Richard Horden, April 1st 2018

RICHARD HORDEN.   Lives in the UK has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer (Mesothelioma ) stage 3.Read more ...


Please pray for  SHRIJANA MAHARJAN a born-again Christian and her family from Nepal residing in the UK since 2008 request prayer that they get a favorable decision on their status and the ability to remain in the UK permanently.

Important Notice regarding Moriel Conferences

Please note the change of procedures for Moriel Conferences in the U.K.

Jacob Prasch Recommends … Jan 2018

Jacob Prasch Recommends this new video on Phil Johnson & Todd Friel

Moriel Thailand - Dec 2017 UPDATE!

Dear believers in grace,
This month has felt like two months squeezed into one!  We’ve been busy, but in a good way.
We are including this article from Dr. Robert Gagnon because we are gravely concerned that the Intelligentsia leaders of New Calvinism are leading the Reformed World into leftist progressivism, and in some cases, Marxism. From Keller to Piper to The Gospel Coalition to Russell Moore, there is a grave cause for concern that these Calvinists are opening up the door to the political, cultural and theological left.


Reformed theologian RC Sproul has given up the ghost after a long battle with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease at the age of 78.
We Should Expect Such Treachery From Politicians, But Not From Jewish Mission Organizations

UNESCO is Throwing the Bible in the Garbage!

with thanks to the Hebron Fund

This is Stuyan, a 12 year old Gypsy boy, accepting Jesus with me (his arms were ripped off in an electrical explosion when his father forced him to climb a fence to steal high tension cable).

Pray for Gabe – June 2nd, 2017

My little buddy Gabe who suffers from Asperger's syndrome is at Childrens Hospital in Cincinnati. He is very ill and has lost a lot of weight which is now affecting his heart and kidneys. Gabs is only 13 and comes from a good godly family.PLEASE PRAY FOR A MIRCLE! Keep the Hariju family in prayer as they go through this violent storm.

OBITUARY June 1st, 2017 Antony Simon

It is with a sincere sense of grief that Moriel & Jacob Prasch learned that Antony Simon (from Manchester, a UK-born Jewish/Israeli evangelist) was killed in an automobile accident in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq while there on an evangelistic outreach. 
Christian Greetings.
As requested I have carefully read Randy White's article with its summary dismissal of all Discernment ministries. 

Prayer Request: May 29 - Ntombi in South Africa

Ntombi, one of Dave Royle's kids in South Africa is in hospital awaiting surgery as she has an intestinal blockage that cannot be shifted. Please pray all goes well   UPDATE:  "Ntombi's operation went well and she is now recuperating and hopes to return home soon."  

Prayer Request - Brother Warren Smith May 23, 2017

Moriel & Jacob Prasch request urgent prayer for Brother Warren Smith who suffered a coronary and is requiring a surgical procedure. Please pray for his healing and for God's wisdom to guide his physicians. Warren is an essential voice in addressing New Age toxin infiltrating the Western Church and we ask The Lord for a speedy recovery.

Prayer for Pastor Jack Hibbs May 4th 2017

Moriel & Jacob Prasch request prayer for Pastor Jack Hibbs in Chino Hills, California.

Prayer for Pastor Jack Hibbs

Moriel & Jacob Prasch request prayer for Pastor Jack Hibbs in Chino Hills, California. Jack has a sizable and growing church with a radio ministry. Unfortunately however his health has currently come under a debilitating attack. As yet undiagnosed, Jack's symptoms include chronic insomnia that has reached the point of interrupting his physical capacity to function. Specialist medical examinations are continuing. Whatever the physiological cause, we do sense that the enemy has a hand in this and as is always the case in these things, God has a purpose in allowing it at least to a degree, working all things together for the better to those who love Him as Jack does , and are called according to His purpose.   Please pray that God grants Jack a recovery and encourages Jack and his wife Lisa while giving guidance and wisdom to his physicians. Please also pray for Jack's church and ministry and his assistants who are  keeping it operational during this battle with frail health.  

German judges sanction Jew hatred

This from the Israeli newspaper, The Times of Israel

Vatican undermines abuse reform: Aust body

AUSTRALIA: The Pope may be retreating from his crackdown on paedophile priests as Vatican bureaucrats do all they can to undermine reform efforts, a senior Australian Catholic official has warned.

Ode to Martin Luther

Your scholarly Ninety-five theses challenged a lost papal church.
You wielded the sword and divided the marrow from the bone exposing that no godly treasures could be sold.
Disputation on selling indulgences, inner spiritual repentance, true sorrow over sin not mere external sacramental confession. Repent and believe.
You revealed anew salvation to be received as a free gift of God's grace through faith alone in Christ Jesus alone not by works.
Heavenly treasures sprang forth, a fountain of forgiveness. Paid in full. Sacrificial love. Victory over sin and death. New nature birthing into a new life yielding spiritual fruits. A changed heart.
Bible final authority. Translated for the common man. Read. The truth shall set you free indeed.