James Jacob PraschThe Moriel blog is a searchable database of articles, announcements, and teachings which have been variably published on our website since the inception of Moriel Ministries more than 25 years ago, and some articles come from sources even older than that. We issue no disclaimer for anything included in the articles at the time of publication. Unfortunately, there will always be a backlog of persons or things we once endorsed but due to later events we now consider unscriptural. We trust our readers will bear this in mind when reading what is posted here. From time to time we remove material we no longer consider relevant or scripturally sound.

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Is the Drum Beat of Rock Music Demonic?

A Scriptural, musical, and historical response to the assertions of Larry De Bruyen by James Jacob Prasch

Is the Drum Beat of Rock Music Demonic? Part 1
Is the Drum Beat of Rock Music Demonic? Part 2
Is the Drum Beat of Rock Music Demonic? Part 3
Is the Drum Beat of Rock Music Demonic? Part 4
Is the Drum Beat of Rock Music Demonic? Part 5
Is the Drum Beat of Rock Music Demonic? Part 6
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