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The Preparation of God's Shepherds

"I know your insolence!" I know your cowardice and hypocrisy. David says let me at them. Being a shepherd boy was a boring way to earn a living. He broke up the monotony by composing hymns, old songs. These are  what we call in Hebrew "Mizmorim" or Psalms. The only thing that broke up the monotony really was when a lion or a bear or a wolf attacked the flock, and he"d go out and use his stick and his sling.

God prepares people for the extraordinary in the ordinary. When one of those devils grabbed the lamb I learned to rescue him. Can you look after one lamb, one new believer? Can you protect them from the wolves, from the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Benny Hinns in this world, from the Lions? God prepares people for the extraordinary in the ordinary. Never despise the day of small things. He knows what He's doing.

Slow, steady growth is always better than maverick growth. I have seen it again, again and again. What is left of the Airport Vineyard Church in Toronto, Canada? Nothing. What is left of the Brownsville Assemblies of God church in Pensacola, Florida? Nothing. Remember the biggest ministry in the world, the PTL Club, prime time TV, et al? In one day Jim and Tammy Baker " nothing. Slow, steady biblical, Christ-centered growth is always better than maverick growth. Quality is always more important in the long run than quantity. Do not despise the day of small things. Your little church, your little house, grows from week to week, month to month, year to year. You don't seem to be getting anywhere, but God is training people how to shoot. Let us continue.