Good day brothers and sisters, we have a new video that I just posted on MorielTV. It's a promo for the new In Focus Program
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7 Pretrib Problems and the Prewrath Rapture (Full Movie)

Amir Tsarfati - Cyber Bully - MTV

Another new Moriel video: Christ "Is Returning! Is this the 4th Reich?"

Good morning brothers and sisters,
please see, "Compilation Questions by Jacob Prasch" on MorielTV. m

This is a much-needed message regarding Joseph Prince that is best presented by another Chinese Singaporean rather than by a Westerner.

Moriel has a Spanish Channel!!

Sergio Mariani has begun a series on the book of Romans.

Shalom friends

Grace and peace be multiply unto you from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.Folks, please circulate the attached promos for RTN and Moriel via your preferred social media channels!

Jacob looks at world trends in church understanding and the feminist agenda.

He examines the devil and his ways that never fail. Yet the church rarely seems able to identify them.