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Sermons in Afrikaans

Title Scripture Description
All That Can Be Shaken  
A Chink in the Armor 2 Chronicles 18-19
What happens when good leaders become involved with bad ones?
Abraham's Journey Genesis 12
Every person's life can be plotted as being along some point of Abraham's journey from Mesopotamia to the Promised Land, a metaphor for our spiritual walk in this life.
Binding & Loosing Daniel 10
In many areas the church is trying to use biblical teaching about binding and loosing as an instrument to deal with something it was not designed to deal with.
The Book of Jonah Jonah
There is no Hebrew prophet whose life does not foreshadow or typify the Messiah who would come after them, to bring in the Redemption which they prophesied.
Book of Ruth Ruth
The book of Ruth tells the story of a rich powerful Jewish man who takes a Gentile Bride and exalts her, the way that Jesus, on the day of Pentecost, raised up the Gentile church, as the Bride of Christ.
Charismatic False Teaching Luke 21:8
Defining the doctrinal error that has been allowed to infiltrate and grow within the Charismatic Movement.
Christian Cults Various
Deals with the subject of organizations which are evangelistic in theology but cultic in their organization.
Christmas is Coming Various
What does Christmas, the Nativity, have to do with the Last Days? This may surprise you, but the answer is - everything.
The Crucified Body Luke 9:23
Curses & Christians  
The Divine Aristocracy Ecclesiastes 9-10
God says, however, that only the things that last forever are real riches. Silver, gold and jewels will not get you off the road to hell - nor will they get you into heavenly Jerusalem.
Ephesus Various
In depth detail of one of the seven ages of the church history and the future historical prophetic antitype.
Egypt, Babylon, or the Palm of God Jeremiah 40
What are the options for the faithful remnant in the Last Days? Previous biblical examples provide a picture of what it will be like for Believers.
Elijah: A Man Who Could Make It Rain James 5:16-18
Elijah was a man with a nature like ours. Elijah was a man who could make it rain. The Holy Spirit, through this text, is trying to tell us that, if he can do it, we can do it. We can make it rain. But what does that mean?
Hanukkah, Part 1 John 9-10
How does the celebration of Hanukkah, a festival NOT found in the Old Testament, provide greater insight into biblical themes such as the Messiah? How is Hanukkah handled in the New Testament?
Hanukkah, Part 2 John 9-10
How does the celebration of Hanukkah, a festival NOT found in the Old Testament, provide greater insight into biblical themes such as the Messiah? How is Hanukkah handled in the New Testament?
House of David/House of Saul 2 Samuel 3:1
The kind of war I dread is when you have to fight against your brethren.
Judge Not? James 4
From the pen of the same apostle, in the distance of a few paragraphs, in almost the same breath that he is saying "do not judge," James calls worldly churches "adulteresses."
Kashrut & Famine Leviticus 11
An explanation of the typology of the Hebrew dietary laws, and how it deals with what is clean and what is unclean. Unclean being unbelievers, false believers, and their wrong doctrines. What we eat, we are. Deals with how to eat what is clean.
The Last Days 1 Timothy 4
The First Century church in certain respects typologically prefigures the Church of the Last Century.
Legacy of Jacob  
The Living and the Dead Leviticus 21
Who are the living, who are the dead, what is the temple, and who are the priests?
Midrash Various
If you look at the way the New Testament quotes the Old Testament, it is clear that the apostles did not use western Protestant methods of exegesis or interpretation.
Midrash: Jesus in the Garden Genesis 3
When you were physically born, you were born of Adam. When you are born again, you are born of the last Adam, who is Jesus.
The New Galatians Galatians
There is a misguided element in the Gentile church which desires to return to the source of Christian faith, which is biblically and historically a primordial Jewish faith. Unfortunately, they arrive at the abrupt conclusions that anything "Messianic" must be right.
One Messiah, Two Comings Acts 1:4-8
Everything under the ground is Old Testament Israel, but everything above the ground is the New Testament Church. The Church is the spiritual continuity of Old Testament Israel, not its replacement.
The Reign of King Asa 2 Chronicles 13
What God's Word really reaches about revival.
The Sabbath Genesis 2:2-3
Deals with Jesus as our Sabbath rest. It looks at the meaning of the Sabbath and shows how our Sabbath is in a Person and not in a day. This is an important message in understanding the errors of the Seventh-Day Adventists.
The Sons of Zadok Ezekiel 44
Compares the righteous clergy with the unrighteous clergy, and explains how to know whether your pastor is righteous or unrighteous. Details the characteristics of each.
This Generation Matthew 24:34
Explanation of the meaning of "this generation" in the Olivet Discourse.
Typology of the Dietary Law Leviticus 11
An explanation of the typology of the Hebrew dietary laws and how it deals with what is clean and what is unclean, unclean being bunbelievers, false believers, and their wrong doctrines. We are what we "eat". Deals with how to "eat" what is clean.
Typology of the Temple Numbers 2
Deals with the spiritual symbolism of the architecture of the Hebrew Temple, pointing to the fact that the church seven times in the New Testament is called the Temple of God, and looks ahead to what this will ultimately mean for the coming Antichrist.
Understanding "The Mixture" 1 Thessalonians
Arriving at a right doctrinal position and discerning things in a biblical manner in times like this has become more and more difficult for many sincere believers.
Watchmen Who Are Not Watchmen Isaiah 62:8
Looking at the biblical character and nature of watchmen however we see that so much of what is being promoted as 'Watchman Ministries' are actually the mere devices of men.
Who Are the Jews? Various
Deals with the question, "Who are the Jews?" etymologically, anthropologically, judicially, geographically, and biblically. Also defines three kinds of Judaism (Mosaic, Talmudic and Messianic).